When I was a kid I always thought of what happens to a person after death. I had always been a sort of a person who had a fear of losing my loved one. I thought of death as the ultimate end to suffering in one’s life. But it was until when I lost my brother from suicide. 

My whole life flashed in front of me, the memories I had with him, when I was holding his dead face. ” I am sorry, bhaiya I couldn’t save you”, crying in despair I said. His brown dazzling eyes were as fresh as before. As if he wanted to say something but now he couldn’t. All I was left with was one question, “why did you do this to yourself?” 

We are living in the 21st century and the meaning of life and death has changed over time. Nowadays people think of death as the end of suffering. So to get relief they ought to think of suicide as the only option. But, that is not the truth. The idea of giving up life on your own is just passing on your grief to your family. 

But my opinion has changed for life. Death is not the end of suffering but death is eventually a phase of life, even the most fresh and beautiful person is ultimately going to get through it. Death is our destiny, but to live and explore what happiness is and what our purpose is in this world is what gives this life a meaning. Living in despair is vain, give your life a goal to live for and love yourself before loving others. It gives you strength and hope. Suicide is not an option but making the best of your life even you don’t think can be.