Once upon a time, There existed a world of supreme sorcerers, called the “SORDAC”. It was unknown to most of the pre-existed races. Entry to SORDAC is prohibited for everyone except sordacians. Sorcerers, known for their supreme control of their inherited elements, were known to be arrogant and persistent in pursuing their selfish intent. To restrict the knowledge and the existence of SORDAC to the planet itself, sorcerers used their elements to make the planet look like a ever glowing ever emitting body of gases – A Star commonly known to the human world as THE SUN.

Humans were fooled by the sorcerers to hide their existence once and for all. But this was not the case for long. SORDAC is one of the realms of the universe. It means the people who are worthy enough to reach SORDAC will be welcomed with respect. But they cannot go back and even restricted to certain locations in the planet itself.

There existed clans divided from the power lineage. One should go through rigorous training to wake their innate power. Powers are for the ones who survive in the training and makes one’s clan proud and efficient.

SORDAC has a unique tradition of organising fights with rules and regulations in which the supreme sorcerers are decided. Roots to the origin of organisation of this tournament tracks back to the ancient times in which sorcerers used to fight among themselves without any rules and regulations. Tournament starts with sorcerers from the same clan fighting each other to bring out the supreme sorcerer of the clan – Supreme Sorcerer of Fire(SUSOFI), Supreme Sorcerer of Lighning(SUSOLI), Supreme sorcerer of Ice(SUSOIC), Supreme Sorcerer of Magic(SUSOMA),Supreme Sorceror of Earth(SUSOEA). And at the end, supreme sorcerers of each clan will fight among themselves for the honour of the ULTIMATE SORCERER(ULTISOR)

In the constant battle for supremacy among sorcerer clans, Flame or fire sorcerers became victorious. The first SUSOFI – Feroshi was the first ULTISOR and hence attained the peace between the sorcerer clans. Tournament occurs every 400 years. Fire clan was obliged to treat every sorcerer clan with at most respect as their own clan members. And being the ULTSOR clan fire clan was cursed with motherless children, starting from their birth. Children were separated from their mothers to learn survival and fighting skills to protect SORDAC for the next 400 years.

There existed the most feared sorcerer among other. Even the 1ST ULTSOR was doubtful that he could beat him the next time. The first known supreme sorcerer of ice nation, Kratonis. Kratonis was consumed with hate and revenge after the fire sorcerer’s clan became to be known as the ULTSOR clan, whereas his clan the most powerful among all and especially the most feared clan and himself the 1ST SUSOIC became subordinates to them. He hated the system of sorcerers. He hated naming of clans as ULTSOR where it was only the ULTSOR who actually was successful among other clan’s champions. Kratonis revolted on ULTSOR fortress and announced that SUSOIC’s clan never gets called as the subordinate clan. And stated that the open tournaments will be started immediately after his return. Most of the ice sorcerers were killed and the remaining stayed in the cities except kratonis. After the rebellion, kratonis’s wife katara was killed. The killer’s identity was unknown.

Kratonis had some of his followers in the city. But they were all imprisoned and strict restrictions were imposed on the mobility of their family members. People whispered about the legends of kratonis and feroshi. Some tell that feroshi was in exile during the rebellion. Some tell that he was a coward and feared to fight with kratonis. The successors of the ice clan were feared along with the legends of kratonis. And feroshi’ immediate successors used to fear the ice clan. Feroshi protected SORDAC from interNal invasions of 1st Supreme Sorceror of magic- Shahom and his clan. Supreme Sorcerer of lightning Radonis chose to stay calm over the internal issues. He was completely incharge of protecting the outer parts of SORDAC and the Supreme sorcerer of earth Mantios decided to support shahom for his personal benefits in the next supreme tournament.

To be continued……………………

SORDAC -2 – The Mighty Tournaments ……


Sai Nikhil Chintala