There were a couple they were together for more than 3 years, but it shattered suddenly. All started a year ago they, when both started a new phase in their life’s the “college”. They were in different collages, it all stared back in school the childish love which was attraction back then but turned out to be something real. everything was good they had those dates small meets and lunches together they went for movies and all those late-night conversations they had their mutual understanding and plans. but as soon the collage started, mike had some insecurities due to which they started to have arguments. So Hailey was in a course were there were only hand full of girls out of which none appeared friendly to her but there were guys which were sweet and helpful so she made them friends, but mike was too possessive he didn’t liked her around guys he didn’t had trust issues but was big on insecurities and refused to work on them soon they had a big conversation were they explained each other what they felt. Hailey wasn’t against mike but she tried to explain him that she has no other choice she needs friends and collogues and it isn’t her fault that none of the girls appears to give her a good vibe, Mike told her that he tried a lot to work on him self but he can’t help it when he thinks of her around guys all the time when he isn’t there it makes him angry jealous and makes him feel helpless .They trusted each other they loved each other yet they couldn’t make it till the end of their 4th year together they broke up, they knew they were hurting and if they can’t work on that there is no way they’ll end up together, so they decided to end it though it hurts though it broke them somewhere but sometimes love isn’t enough.