Since the first time I saw that mall it gave me a bad feeling. It was all kind of dark and it did not seem very inviting. I guess I should start from the beginning, my name is Tania Summers and all that I’m going to tell you happened when I was visiting my best friend Raquel.

When my plane arrived, Raquel was already at the airport waiting for me.

“We are going to have a really good time, Tania,” said Raquel when we had got to her house.

“What are we going to do?” I asked, “Have you planned anything?”

“Well think that today we should just hang around here and relax since must be tired from the trip, but tomorrow we should really go a new mall that’s about half an hour from here. They say that they have really cool stuff,” Raquel answered.

Next day we went to the mall as Raquel had planned. But it looked strange to me and it did not look like all the other malls. It was a four-storey building that was kind of dark and spooky. It was very silent around it and did not see any people around there.

“Come on, Tania let’s go in,” exclaimed Raquel.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming,” I said.

When we went in I thought the mall was definitely strange. The light came from the floor instead of the ceiling. There were practically no windows and there were very, and I mean very few people there.

“Is not this place kind of weird?” I asked.

“Of course not,” Raquel said, “This is absolutely cool.”

We started looking around and went to the clothing store. The saleswoman who looked about 25 years old was very pale and her eyes, which had no expression at all seemed to look straight ahead.

“Wow! Check this dress out” Raquel exclaimed.

Personally, I thought that the dress was horrible, but I told her it was really cool and that she should try it on. Raquel decided to try it on like I had said and told me to hang on a second. While she tried it on, I took a look at the clothes there which were really odd. They were all kind of faded and looked like the clothes zombies wear in movies.

Some minutes later Raquel came out of the dressing room with that odd dress on. Her eyes looked like the saleswoman, and she was walking like a zombie.

“How do I look?” She asked in a weird voice.

“I do not think it’s your type maybe we should look at other things. “I said.

“Yes, we shall do that, “she said in that creepy voice.

Moments later Raquel came out of the dressing room and this time she acted, looked and sounded like her normal self.”

“Let’s go check out all the other stores!” Raquel said excitedly. I did not tell her about how strange she had acted when she put on those clothes because I knew she would not believe me and she would just laugh and think it was a joke.

The next store we went to was a stationery shop with a salesman who had an unnatural grin that looked evil to me but Raquel thought the gas “cute”. We started looking around the store and everything looked pretty normal to me except that they had really peculiar brands that I had never heard of. Since I really like drawing, I bought some colored pencils and a sketchbook. After we had left the store I decided to draw a picture to test out my colored pencils. We sat down on a bench an as soon I got my hands on the pencils, something came over me and I started drawing a weird picture of a cemetery with dead people walking and weird animals.

“Tania, what’s wrong with you?” Raquel asked.

Her voice snapped me out of it.

“Oh, nothing”, I said and tore the paper and put it in a trash can.

We continued walking around, looking at stores, and in every store, something spooky would happen.

On the first floor, we saw that there was an underground parking lot. When we looked down it looked as if it would never end.

“you will always find a parking place here,” a strange looking man told us and with that he took off, laughing an evil laugh.

“You know something, Tania,” Raquel said.

“You’re right. This place is weird and we better get out of here, quick.”

We started looking all around the mall for the exit but we could not find it.”

“Tania,” Raquel said. “There is no exit.”