Revisiting memories is like giving yourself a chance to live those moments again, specially when you realize you’ve not lived them to the fullest in the past.

On seeing Shruti battle her wounds, Raghav couldn’t stop blaming himself for her condition. As he thumbed through his wife’s journal…. He wondered things would be merrier if he had trusted her, they would be living happily, expecting their first child.

But certain situations are beyond human control. Raghav was ashamed of doubting his own wife with her childhood friend, Sahil. When she went to pick Sahil’s call in middle of a heated argument with him, an enraged Raghav pushed her down the stairs unaware that Shruti was expecting. His anger led to her miscarriage.


Raghav was heartbroken when he first met Shruti. To him, Shruti’s kindness and karizma worked wonders. She not only helped him overcome his fears but made him a gentleman.

To anyone who’s fallen in love and has received reciprocation in it, love seems to be the only essence that holds a person firm and dives him safe from the societal net woven around. Once out of the net, only then a person experiences true happiness in relationships.

Same was happening to their lives, after managing to align their parents for an inter-caste marriage, they moved to Mumbai.

The expenses of settling in a new city started to come between the love birds. Raghav’s busy schedule had no time for Shruti.

In the city of dreams, Shruti felt alone, only until she encounter her childhood friend Sahil in a shopping mall. Raghav didn’t like an unexpected guest at his place on his wedding anniversary. He started disliking Shruti’s friendship with Sahil.


Sahil confronts Raghav and tells him how she felt. He told Raghav that Shruti wanted to surprise him with the big news and hoped things to be better.

Raghav gathers courage to apologize to his subconscious wife.

Witnessing  the efforts Raghav was putting to rebuild their relationship, Shruti forgave him. With his love and care she recovered and the bond between the two strengthened after overcoming this experience.