In the era of fake love and promises, Misthi was a girl from a city named Modinagar from Uttar Pradesh persuing Chartered Accountancy. She was a girl who never ever being in a relationship and don’t believe in love according to her now a days people do love for their self motive. One day she was talking on some study related matters from a guy named Neel, he was from Lucknow who was pursuing Chartered Accountancy too. He was diiferent from other boys, he loves to cooking while other boys hate, he respects women and believe in true love. 

They talked for three or four hours on study related issues then they end up talking because of their studies. A year passes, Misthi gave her exams of CA intermediate but Neel skipped those exams. One day Misthi messaged Neel “how are you doing”….

And thats how their love story started….

Result of Misthi cames and she failed. Being a topper of the school Misthi was fully shattered and was thinking that she should left CA. But god already blessed  her with Neel as a friend. In this situation Neel helped her a lot in motivating her sending her long long motivational messages and quotes. They becomes more close friends.

But But But they neither exchanged their numbers nor seen each other yet. Neel asked for her number but Misthi did’t gave her number because she was a very simple and innocent girl never exchanged her number with anyone online.

Now Neel started feeling for Misthi because their thought process matches, Misthi understands him so well and he never fall in love with anyone yet. Misthi was the one for whom he started feeling.

But hide his feelings from Misthi because they both have exams in few days. Because of the exams they stopped talking to each other again. 

After exams got over Neel messaged Misthi and they have a conversation of more than four hours meanwhile in the end Neel expressed his feelings for Misthi….and said her “I love you”. After few seconds Misthi replied tooo…”I love you too” because Misthi also had feelings for Neel in some corner of her heart.

Then one day they had their first video call and exchanged their numbers. Their love grew up day by day. For everyone long distance is difficult but for them if the love is true long distance is not a barrier.

Time passes and the date of their results came. Neel went to his Didi’s house which is in Noida but the motive is to meet his Misthi only. A day before result Neel came to Meerut to meet Misthi .Misthi was all shocked to see him in person and they visited temple to seek blessings of god. Then they went to a cafe Misthi started crying in Neel’s arms she couldn’t believe that it’s finally happened….

Now its time to say good byee to each other…they hugged each other and said good byee…They both are in tears….

Next day result came and they both passed with flying colours…….