Rachel and Jessica started hanging out together since the first day they met. Rach felt connected to Jess like they were sisters. Jess was a lovely girl with a very energetic spirit. Actually Rach was glad she meet Jess at school, since Rach just moved to the neighborhood and she didn’t know anyone else.

As luck would have it, Jess came as a package, she was a popular girl at school and had many friends. Rachel initially didn’t like the “new girl at school” status but she got along fine with most of the students.

Apart from school work Rachel was full of zip in extracurricular activities too. She was fond of many outdoor sports, she enjoyed tossing a ball with her dad every now and then and never back down from a challenge.

So there was this one time when Rach and Jess set off walking around and ended up in a bowling alley. Though Rachel never tried it before in her life, she didn’t feel apprehensive, she was a little nervous, but Jess made her feel comfortable. As it happened both the girls began, their sphere wasn’t even going through the lane, but as they did it, they improved. They began to hook the sphere as they became better. Rach and Jess were totally in their world, when a few guys entered the alley. Jess recognized some of the guys from school and told Rachel that there was going to be a competition.

So the girls buckled up for some action and took the dare head-on. The guys were on roll too. At the end they were on equal scores, Jess was in the best form and so was Rachel. If they wanted to win, they need 270. The boys were really good at it, one of them comes up and makes fun of Jess, he says something mean and it pisses off Rach, it’s her turn now and with all the adrenaline rush, she approaches and lands it perfect and smooth. She did what she hasn’t done before. She ties the score with the guys. The boy who was laughing falls silent. Jess jumps with joy, she grabs Rach and twirls her for what seems like a long time.

It might look like “just a game” but Rach felt a lot more deeply connected to Jess after it was all over. She lay in her bed thinking of the events of the day, the guy who she thought was cute, the wonderful time she spent with Jess, the first experience, and how Jess forced her to eat a huge dessert as a treat. Turns out Jess and the guys weren’t enemies in spite of everything, they just were trying to beat Jess as she was the best, and what’s more, Jess was happy that she had Rach on her team. Rach felt happier that she moved, though she missed her old friends and the familiarity, she was happy here. She began to like this place too and she was going to tell her dad that she found a friend she could cherish for life.