The heart of a 10 year old, the mind of a 23 year old, but the soul of a hypnotised being

What changed this heart, what changed this mind?

Could anybody have the slightest idea? Or the gravest doubt?

Could the person realise what they were going through?

It was a faded description which fixed their eyes, a nonchalant attitude which covered their souls

Made them believe that whatever they saw was real, whereas the world was at fault, it was non-existent

For that person, who mattered the most! Realisation played a huge role

A massive bang took place inside the mind which rejuvinated the soul – in which way?

The soul had created an idea, a hole into the blackness, the bowl!

The bowl of eternal rage, the biowl of agitation!

The bowl of fire, the bowl of whale

The bowl seemed small, yet was it?

The bowl was extraordinary, the bowl went pale

Anger cannot reside in us forever!

It has a very short life!

Because the soul acts as a polluted zone to the anger

The anger takes a turn and keeps the heart unattended

Do you know how much you need yourself to be sane?

Do you know that your actions are all you take with you?

To your grave!

Think wisely and decide as to what you want tot sell

The world will always be a cruel place ready to grasp your rail!