There were literally one million people eating pizza that minute all over the globe, but I am more than a 100 percent sure, no one ate pizza like I did with jacob on that wonderful day.

Hi! I am Sandra Gilbert, a new high school kid and an intern at a local content writing office. I was always a spoon fed, naive and obedient person, which clearly defines my relationship status, if you are a clever reader. I had no girl friends either, reason being, girls back in my college days were big time snobs in my opinion.

Then right in the middle of my collage I found my Mr. Perfect. We shared so many things in common that I could never sit and count them completely in one go. He and I met in a dominos restraunt. I still love to remember that day over and over again.

I was so damn hungry that I would eat the whole table but having mercy on my digestive system I decided to order pizza only. The staff boy came within seconds to me because there were just one or two more people seated in the restaurant that day. My order was simply any veg pizza. He note that down in calligraphy, may be to stay occupied on a non busy day.

Then arrived Jack Spinslaw, the most famous student of my grade, on the counter. He had a reputation of not indulging with girls. I wasn’t attracted to him at all, but somehow I found it interesting to watch him talking to the staff person on the counter. Strangely the staff boy pointed at me, and seemingly aggitated Jack too gave me a scary look. But this does not mean that I was afraid, I was just concious. I wanted to know his mind, though I ignored his attentions for that moment.

He started walking towards me. Stopping right next to my table he then asked me with a smile,” hi! Can I have the pleasure of having your company?”

I just wanted to shout out loud to him that, what does he actually wants from me. But those words remained stuck at the back of my tongue, all thanks to my polite upbringing. I replied, ” sure, I remember we are in the same school. ” he completed it saying,” and same grade”. And I further added, ” and we share same bus for home as well”.

Then in a buttering manner he said,” by the way, I am flattered to know that the most beautiful girl of my school notices me”.

I unexpectedly blushed feeling butterflies in my belly. Then started talking about each other and our families, it seemed like our talk will never end. We both were so comfortable with each other, I couldn’t have ever imagined that an introvert girl like me could pull a talk so much with out any external help. He was also surprised, as he told me the same thing about himself. But it was just the beginning we talked so much and didn’t found single thing which was uncommon about us apart from our genders. Apparently we were new best friends, and I was cherishing the fact that my best friend is so hot and famous.

Then after 25 minutes of long waiting time, my pizza was ready. My name was called at the counter, so I got up to recieve the order. But Jack insisted to bring my order which I allowed with a bit of a struggle.

When pizza reached my table I was about to drool. It’s aroma was the most desirable smell of the day. It was a beautiful extra cheese pizza with olive toppings which was one of my favorites. It looked as delicious as the chocolate fountain looked in the Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. I was looking at the pizza just like a lover lookes at his beloved on the romantic moon lit nights.

Then I remembered I just made a new friend and as he is sharing my table, so it would be impolight if I do not ask him for the pizza. At the back of my head, there was this conflict going on, if I should eat the pizza alone or offer him to share. In the end my manners won over my greed. I asked him out of courtesy, “would you like to share… ?” but before I could complete my sentence, he already picked a giant slice and said ‘thankyou’ .

Then I took one slice too. As I took 2 bites, he finished his slice and reached for the next slice. I wached that with a heavy heart. I rushed to finish my slice and took my next slice. But he picked a third by then. I hurriedly finished my own slice while in my head I was killing my new found friend with a sharp knife. I was so unhappy that he was about to eat that slice that I didn’t notice when I spilled a glass of water on the table. Table was possibly somewhat slant so water fell on his jeans and It almost looked like he peed his pants.


He quickly stood up, but in that hurry he dropped his slice of pizza. I was felt sorry both for this pants and the pizza. And I felt like only way I could repay him is by offering him the last slice.

He too laughed it off and assured me that he has taken it very lightly. Then we focused our attention to the last slice. He wanted me to have it. And I wanted him to have the privilege.

We were feeling a bond between us in those precious moments. We almost started harbouring feelings for each other which we both admitted. Then he confessed that when he first arrived at my table, it was just to share the pizza because that was the last pizza for the day. I felt somewhat offended but admitted, I didn’t wanted him to have the pizza because I was feeling so hungry.

After one minute of silence he started taunting me and blamed that I threw water deliberately on him. That was the point where I lost my politeness and decided to finish the pizza myself. But he stoped my hand in a very ungentlemanly manner. Then we started fighting over how dare he hold my hand like that. And the fight went on and on with a new topic of arguments every thirty seconds.

It is funny to recall but at that moment our hands were on the cond damp slice and we were arguing like childhood besties. In unexpected turn of events, neither of us wanted to argue yet wanted to find a way to talk and not let the conversation die. Afterall we were just fighting over the last slice of pizza which was not even the topic of fight. But it brought us closer. And we found love over that pizza war.


  1. Subhana Liaqat

    I believe that everyone enjoys pizza; I don’t know anyone in my life who does not enjoy eating pizza. This tale is intriguing because sometimes we don’t even share our tiny things with others, even though they are special to us, such as this story. However, modest gestures such as sharing a slice of bread demonstrate our love and commitment for one another. Some situations occur simply to meet attractive people and form great bonds with them, we may think that this situation is exhausting and this is bad thing happens to me but this is just happened to meet beautiful people.