That day went by normally and both of them forgot the case till the evening.

The next day Harry received a call from an unknown number, this was not at all strange as he would often receive calls from different numbers and the people would ask him for his services to their models or products. But this call was a bit different, a man from the other side angrily ordered Harry to ‘delete all the photos he clicked on the day of the crime or consider himself dead’, and then he hung up. Harry on the other side was extremely confused, he did not understand why would a man call him and order to delete all the photographs, what was wrong with them. He gave it a really nice thought but was unable to recall anything questionable that he clicked which could harm anybody in any way, they were just photographs of his friend.

After consulting Anna about the same, she said it may be one of her friends who would be jealous of her outstanding photos that she just uploaded and was pranking him.

“That could be possible” was the reply she got from Harry.

But the doubt still lingered in his mind. He received at least four calls saying the same thing that day and it really scared him a lot, there was definitely something that they had missed to see in the photograph. As a result, he told Anna to come over immediately with the photographs which he gave her in the pen drive.

After a careful examination of the photographs, he found one shot which was the reason he was receiving all these threats. Truly, he was quite happy with his skills of photography that he possessed. He ha caught the face of one of the criminals crystal clear.

In one of the concept shots Anna was told to hold a reflective glass and try to hide some part of her upper body behind the mirror, this would give a really cool shot and Anna did the same. Little did they knew that the mirror was facing the street where the robbery had occurred and while running the face of one of the criminal was caught in the frame.

Now this was a real game played by luck that he caught the shot at the right time but it also put Harry in a lot of danger. He was really confused on what to do. Should he delete the photo and never tell anybody that he caught something like this or should he take up the respnsiblity and hand it over to the police. This was a really tough time for him. His work quality decreased as he was not at all concentrated, all the time the same thought moved in his brain.

After nearly two days on thinking and nit to mention receing humdreds of such calls he made a decision that changed his life forever.

Would he live to tell the tale or was this his last decision of life?