This a strange story to be very honest. How can a photograph lead to murder threats to a person who is not at all concerned with it? What is there is the photograph that the photographer is missing? Is it of value that the blackmailer wants or were they just prank calls?

It all traces back to 12th November 2016 when Harry (Photographer) who is the friend of Anna is taking her out for a quick photo session on the streets. Anna was demanding this session from a very long time but due to immense workload Harry was unable to fulfill her wish, but today he took an off and decided to fulfill it.

It was a very normal day on the streets of New York, the people were bustling to their works, the coffee shops were full of people, the subway station had a big waiting line, the taxis and Uber cabs were honking non – stop etc. it was an everyday chore for the city, nothing new was happening. This was the perfect time for the photograph, the blurry background filter with the yellow color from the taxi contrasting the black overcoat that Anna was wearing was just the perfect shot. They took many photos in all kinds of places be it the street, the café, the red bricked wall etc. and each and every one came out near perfect, Anna was very happy as she just got her display photos for the whole year, Harry, on the other hand, felt satisfied by seeing the happy face of his friend, it was a win – win situation for both.

Neither of them noticed anything else in the photographs except how beautiful Anna looked and other specifications like colors etc. But there was one thing that was left un – noticed which could prove to be harmful to both of them. Nevertheless, they departed their ways after a quick coffee and went back home.

The next day’s newspaper read a heading which shocked both of them. It read that a robbery followed by a murder took place on the streets of the city. The street was the dame on which both of them were shooting yesterday morning, they were surprised that they did not see anything happen. It further stated that the police was investigating the case and will soon come up with a lead. The CCTV photographs of the two criminals were blurry and unclear but it also contained Harry and Anna’s picture in the background. If they were so close to the criminals then why did they not see anything etc. were the thoughts that were going through their heads. The both contacted each other and discussed the matter over the phone, neither of them was too free to go back to the street to examine the situation and as a result, they both gave up on the idea and got engrossed in their works leaving it to the states police department.

Neither of them knew what was in store for them in the near future.