1. uzma syed

    This one line story, has a strong grasp of the struggles of unsaid emotions. This story in just one line expresses how difficult it is for a person to express their emotions and how much solace understanding brings about.

    It is able to capture the agony and frustration that arises from unsaid feelings and emotions. In a world full of communicative devices, there are still people who are unable to communicate how they feel. It makes them feel alone and misunderstood.

    But in all of this struggle a person who understands those unsaid emotions brings a ray of hope to the struggling people. These struggling people who are not able to convey their feelings through words resort to non-verbal communication. And having someone to understand your silence is the greatest gift one can ask for.

    Overall, This one line story speaks a volumes. It is able to capture the complexity of human emotions and how powerful comprehending those emotions are. It also urges us to look through our own life experiences of people who understood our silence and celebrate the relationship we have with them.