Walking out of a Rover, there stood 18 year old Cristina. Her rosy cheeks and tinted lips highlighted her sparkling eyes even more. She was all dressed up and looking like an angel. She wore a pink slit dress that fit her curvy figure perfectly with white stilettos and wore her hair down. She had a white sparkly handbag in her right hand and as soon as she started walking towards the school gate, her left hand was held by her charming and stunning boyfriend, Josh. He wore an oxford blue tuxedo and was looking more dashing than ever. As both walked through the gate into the auditorium, they were welcomed with greetings and high-fives. After all, this was the power couple of high-school. The famous, loving and rich couple who were admired and envied by all.

As Cristina walked with her boyfriend, she saw her two best friends, Nina and Rachel at a distance and ran towards them with a big smile on her face. She hugged them and kissed them on their cheeks. Both of her friends admired how she looked. As the music started and all of them started dancing, Josh grabbed Cristina by her waist and pulled her closer. He looked into her eyes and that was the moment Cristina knew, she was in love. But she didn’t need to say or express it as Josh went on and whispered inside her ear. ‘I love you Cristina Lewis’. She felt complete and content. What all did an 18 year old high-school student needed? But as she opened her mouth to reply with an ‘I love you too’, she realized this isn’t where she was. This wasn’t where she belonged.

Everything became blur and suddenly turned into darkness. She heard water running through a shower and felt wet, head to toe. Her wrists started to hurt. It felt like someone just slit them. Well, why wouldn’t she feel this? As this was her choice. A choice she had to make because of a compulsion she faced. Her eyes opened and she stopped humming the song she was dancing to. She realized there and then what she had done. Well, she realized it back when she was doing it, but she wanted to feel it one last time. She wanted to feel that dream and imaginary life one last time. The rich, sparkly and content life that she always dreamt about. She wanted to dream about being with Josh one last time. She wanted to dream about having friends, just one last time.

They say when a person is dying their life flashes in front of them. All the things they love and all the loving memories they felt. But Cristina, she didn’t have any loving memories. What was she supposed to think about before taking her last breaths? All the bullying she had to face because of her curvy body, all of the poverty she saw growing up after her parents died when she was an infant, or all of the loneliness that she felt because nobody wanted to be friends with a ‘freak’ or a ‘loser’. But this didn’t bothered her anymore. Because she was finally living her dream, starting to feel a life, by ending one she already had.


  1. Jeel Gudhka

    Story is quite nice. But it lacked some few emotions. It didn’t make one cry nor happy. And even if people dream about being rich they still stay in the present. They accept it. As their life goes on. The story is beautifully created but there is still a need for the author to add more emotions in this one. It is just that I feel like. Being poor doesn’t mean one need to end their life 🙂 . So her thoughts are wrong. You need to be strong. It gives wrong message.