Once upon a time, a number of birds lived in a jungle. All the birds – the swans, cranes, parrots, cuckoos, owls, peacocks, doves and the others decided to meet. They wanted to discuss upon a most important topic. All the birds gathered but unfortunately no crow had reached yet to join them, but they could not wait any more.
As they collected they discussed, “The Garuda, who is the king of all the birds, is always busy in serving his master. He has neither the time nor interest to concern about us. So there is no point in having such a king, who does not protect his position. He remains at the position of king only for namesake.”
And then they continued discussing, “Let us choose a king amongst us who is perfect for the position of the king.”
Then all the birds started looking at each other. They suggested many birds and at last the characters of owl attracted everybody. They discussed that the owl was powerful, had very impressive characters and most importantly he could even see at night, when we all were most unsafe. So they all agreed that the owl would be perfect king for themselves.
They all agreed and then cried loudly, “From now onwards the owl should be our king! Let us prepare for the crowning at once.”
Thus, as decided for the crowning of the owl, the birds collected water from the holy river, collected 108 holy roots of tree and then prepared a highly beautiful throne. They decorated the whole area beautifully, even spread the ground in front of the throne with tiger skin. They invited many Brahmins which when reached the place started praying and chanting through holy books. They started beating the drums and sang songs of joy. They started dancing in front of throne. All of the atmosphere full of joy and happiness. They prepared the owl for crowning.
At the same moment when the owl was reaching the throne for crowning, a crow arrived there. As he reached he asked unusually, “Please, tell me the reason of this great gathering and this generous celebration. What happening here?”
In reality as the crow was known for his smartness, so the birds decided to explain the reason of this vast gathering to seek his opinion.
They explained the crow, “O dear crow, as our King Garuda has no time to seek our problems, he always busy in serve his master. So we all decided to dethroned him and have elected owl as our new king. So here we gathered for his coronation, please joined us and provide us our opinion also.”
After heard this the crow smiled and replied, “Okay my dears, but in my opinion I would not support the crowning of the owl as our king.”
They all get surprised and asked the reason for the same. The crow explained, “Dear, as we birds are known for their beauty then why such an ugly king, as like owl. Look at him, how he ugly amongst all us. He looks so mean with his crooked nose and peep eyes. Think, how would he look if he was angry? We have the peacocks, swans, nightingales, pigeons and so many more birds who look so beautiful. The owl is blind by the day also then who look after ourselves. I undoubtedly advise you against his crowning.”
The other birds started discussing taking into account his points, and then the crow continued with his arguments, “Think, what we all gain from electing Owl as our king? We already have Garuda as our king. The only point out his name would keep our enemies away! Garuda is our best king as always. It is no need to elect a new king and dethroned the Garuda.”
On heard the crow’s logistic reason the birds started considering, “The crow is right, the reasons which he has given are also rights. So the entire reason of our gathering serve no purpose. Lets as think about the matter again and meet some other time.” 
After then, one by one all the birds flew away. The Brahmins also started to leave from there. But the crow still sitting on the branch of a tree. The owl and his wife were not understand the reason of this disturbance, so they were still waiting to be crowned as king and queen.
The owl said to his wife, “What is happening here? Why all the birds left? Why is not the crowning ceremony start up till now? 
Then his wife replied, “As I understand, the crow put a blockage in the crowning ceremony. He definitely told all the other birds to do so, thus all the birds left away. We have the motive behind this all. We should return home, too.”
On hearing this all, the owl got very disappointed. He started shouted on the crow, “You are a sinful bird. I never harm you in any way, and yet you put hindrance to my crowning ceremony. From today, I end all friendly relationship with you. From now onwards, we are enemies and nothing else.”
Then the owl left with his wife, to return to his home. The crow was left alone. With everybody else gone, the crow decided to leave too. While he started flying, he thought, “Why did I do all this? My advice to the birds was not necessary. And it is because of my advice that crows will always have the mighty owls as their enemies. It’s all because of me.”

The wise indeed say:

Keep your counsel to yourself and thus stay away from trouble.