It is a story about a girl and her soulmate. Find out who is her soulmate!!


Ishita was a small town girl and wanted to complete her higher education from a top college. So to prove herself she decided to move to a new place. Ishita was new in the city and adapting new surroundings is never easy. But she had no option other than to survive.

She had to search for place to live. And finding a place now-a-days is not an easy thing. After so much of efforts she found a place which was little away from her college. The place was very peaceful and quiet. She went to the place to live.

She got the room. And A NEIGHBOR. Her neighbor used to live just beside her room with few people. On the first day she got keys and went straight to her room. Next day she was in her way to college when she saw him. He looked cute. He was having a walk in the garden. She smiled and left for college.


They met everyday same way. His walk timings and her college timings were almost same. These regular meetings turned into friendship.

Both were fond of each other. She used to visit his place to meet him and he used to stay with her when no one was in his house. They used watch movies together at home. She many a times made food for him when he stayed at her place. They used to spend time in park. They enjoyed together.

She never felt she came here alone and at an unknown place. She felt safe with him as if she has found her soul mate. Both enjoyed each other’s company alot.

Ishita’s exams were near and after exams Ishita was going back to her place for vacations. She was least tensed for exams but felt sad about the vacations that she will miss him there.

It was Ishita’s exam next day. She was studying the whole night and he kept sitting there calm and quiet, watching her study. She was a bit nervous now. It was the exam day! Early morning she was on her way to college and thought to meet him before going for the exam as he had already left.

She went to the park but she couldn’t find him. She was a bit surprised. Then she went to his house to meet him hoping that he must be resting in the house but she couldn’t find him there either. She was shocked and bursted down in tears. She asked everyone but no one knew where he was. She was getting late but he was her priority and can’t go without meeting him. She sat on a bench feeling helpless. Tears were rolling down her cheeks she felt completely broken and her watery eyes waiting for him.


HE then entered with shiny furry body, walking on his four legs, shaking his tail and with a rose in his mouth. Ishita saw him and she couldn’t resist her tears. TUFFY reached near her, standing on his hind legs and front paws in Ishita’s hand he gave her the rose as a good luck sign!

Ishita was on cloud nine and she hugged him accepting the rose.

A dog never judged her for who she was and loved her more than anyone else.