Nadeem was involved in more than ten robberies and had earned a significant amount through them. He acted a smart in front of his wife and would not tell her the whole amount of the moment that he earned, he would give little sums at irregular times to make his wife believe that he was still in the painting business.

But his wife too was extremely smart and knew that something was definitely fishy, the person who was crying about not finding work from the past year suddenly found work and was getting regular income definitely rang some bells in her head. Many times she tried to smartly ask about his work of the day, his income contract etc. but was always disappointed as Nadeem would not tell her anything at all, in fact, he would not talk to her at all whenever he came home with money.

But one day he stopped everything and confessed to his wife and told her the truth. That day during a robbery his friend got shot in the head by the security man who was present in the ATM which they were trying to rob. This scared the hell out of Nadeem and he decided to stop everything and confess. His wife left him after hearing his story and went back to her parents leaving Nadeem all alone. Somewhere he knew that he deserved this but was now determined to find some real, honest work and earn his living honestly and legally. He was not so lucky this time, the ATM camera had caught his face and he was later arrested for the crime. He was sentenced to prison for 2 months without the possibility of early bail.

These two months gave him some real time on hand to think about his life and career options in the future little did he knew that God had something else planned for him. As soon as he got out of the prison he was again unemployed but this time a really kind and humble person came forward to help him. This was the angel that changed Nadeem’s life completely forever.

The person was a known construction company owner who had just expanded to the painting sector and was now offering services to paint the houses too. He had seen Nadeem’s work and was really impressed by the quality. As a result, he made Nadeem his head painter who had a team of 10 members under him. This brought tears to Nadeem’s eyes as he had never thought that something like this would ever happen to him. Now he had a contract with the company which paid him four lakh rupees annually plus incentives and benefit.

This truly made him a new person. Being involved in a company of honest people and earning honestly really gave him a sense of satisfaction. Leaving the past behind and concentrating on the future turned out to be the best decision in his life and now he led a happy life.