This word tells a lot about itself. A mistake is never wrong, it is just a mistake. We cannot categorize a mistake in being right or wrong. A mistake defines the path ahead, the possibilities ahead. A mistake foretells the plausible enigmas ahead. It does not take much to understand or rather differentiate a mistake from the step which should be taken, but it takes a hell lot to accept. Some accept with a smile, some cry over it, but eventually all accept. Now comes the situations where one cannot afford to do anything because one is handcuffed- in such situations we declare it to be a wrong step or rather a wrong doing.

It is all a mistake when you first start talking, it is all a mistake when you first dive in, it is all a mistake when you take your first step (because you have no idea what this cruel world has prepared for you), it is all a mistake when you first open up to your mother- knowing that she would discuss it with your aunt and that would be against your consent, it is all a mistake when you refuse to go out on that first date, it is all a mistake when you first cry out “paaa” or is it not? Do we all think of a mistake or rather give it the respect it deserves? Do we all sit back and try to realize why we call it a mistake in the first place? I don’t think we do! Sit back, and think, are the mistakes we call mistakes really mistakes at all?

When we start being a human in life and be generous towards people, we realize or rather regret being kind, why do we feel this way? Because our kindness has brought pain to us, something we think we did not deserve. But if we think it through the other way round, it is maybe we are hurt because we chose kindness to reward us with happiness, but we forgot that kindness is just an abstract feeling, it does not have an equal and opposite reaction because it is not an action, it raises an unforeseen barrier between expectation and reality. We all are aware of it, that we would be hurt, but still we pounce onto the situation with kindness in our mind and heart and regret in our eyes. You cannot blame yourself when you take such a step in life, you should blame your instincts, and it is your instincts which are to be blamed, because you thought you would get generosity in return for the same.

Same was the dilemma in that five year old girl, she was wanting to give in with kindness, but she refused to accept the fact that her dad would leave her just like her mom did. She thought about everything but she never thought about one thing- how would it be if you left it all and be indifferent towards things which you feel might hurt you? Well, she could not be blamed, she was five! There she went on with committing her first mistake, she shared her soul with her dad, she showed her mind to her dad, she told him her problems, she shed tears in front of him. She felt at peace when she did that, she felt elated and free at the same time, but the next morning she saw the new woman in the house, he dad introduced her to her new mother, a woman he loved and a woman who would be her mother from then onwards. She knew it right then, that her daddy understood nothing she had shared the night earlier, her daddy couldn’t see his daughter’s soul, but alas! She had already opened up her heart! Now it was out- it was lost, she was lost. That was the day she decided not to trust, she is 45 now, and still she cannot trust.