september 23, 1999

A young girl was walking down the aisle of a big hotel, named after the famous dancer Michael Jackson, the name of the hotel was MicKson. The young girl was wearing a yellowish dress which gives a wealthy smell. And the elegance in her walk helps you to smell the scent of money. With her black high heels, she looked somewhat older than her age with her dressing scene but if you look at her pale skinned face, with cracks on her pinkish lips making it difficult for her to talk because the cracks might open more and she could bleed much more.

MicKson is a hotel situated at the centre of the city forest which is deep enough that there’s no sunlight in there. MicKson, was created there so that people could stay in nature without human interactions and interruption. The hotel area is twice than any other hotel in the city. What’s concerning is, people think something is weird in the hotel as every summer exactly one hundred and one people visit the hotel and no one could find the whereabouts of a hundred people. Only one of the people who were there can be spotted by the police and that person as well doesn’t remember anything.

It all started after the construction of the hotel MicKson was finished in 1988 , the local authorities started to receive a phone call which addressed the concern that people went missing in the MicKson hotel at midnight. The police tried to find people, but since a decade no one was found, not a single hair or body was found. The hotel only opens in summer for a month and exactly one hundred and one people join the hotel as a guest and since a decade a thousand people have gone missing.

The young girl walking down the aisle started getting blurry eyesight and she tried to breathe and she couldn’t. So she tried to touch everything to get the help and also rang the emergency bell, in the hope that someone might come and get her medical attention. But things were not as she thought they would be, and she fell on the ground with her eyes opened. It seemed like her body was paralyzed, she could only see the empty long aisle of the hotel, with the ceiling getting narrowed at the very far from her sight. From the corner of the aisle, she saw people rushing to her. She was glad to see a lot of people there, but they didn’t have eyes, not mouth and the marched towards her in full speed. At the blink of her eyes, she saw them coming nearer and nearer towards her. She gets the craziest thought of her life, that these are not people and she’s about to get crushed, when she thought that she fainted.

By Sarah Valentine

Submitted to: Ms, MicKson

Sarah completed her assignments and went to the school to submit that to her teacher. Before the summer vacation, everyone gets an assignment to write a fictional Story as an extracurricular activity. Her teacher smiled at her, so she smiled back. Sarah came back home and her parents were packing the stuff.

“Are we going somewhere? ” Sarah asked her mom.

” Oh! Your dad booked a hotel for our summer vacation, so we’re going there. I already packed your clothes and go look at that package. Dad bought you a new dress.” mom replied.

With excitement of getting a new dress also visiting a hotel her dad booked for summer vacation, Sarah opened the package and found a black heels, with a yellowish dress. Sarah looked up in the mirror and found cracks on her lips. Her lips started to get dry in the summer. With a faint voice Sarah asked, “Where’s the hotel? “

“Oh! It’s inside the woods” Mom continued ” It’s called MicKson hotel and it’s pretty huge”

After listening to her mother, Sarah remembered her teacher’s smile and she realised that her lips were bloody red as she would have drank the blood. Her creepy smile never left Sarah’s memories. And Sarah knew, The midnight horror of the MicKson hotel might be real.