I still remember how you stared at me from a distance when my introduction as a junior was going on with the seniors and you were sitting next to a third year guy. I knew it was my first day of college and I shouldn’t behave like that but I was too mesmerized when you were listening so interestingly to every junior when they were telling you about their hobbies about painting or going to clubs ….may be you were looking for someone different in that queue.

I couldn’t help it when my turn came, my hands and legs were shivering on the ground but my head was still up, “don’t be nervous, they’re just humans, they won’t bite me” i clarified to myself but then I seriously couldn’t control my thoughts when I told you that I love to visit libraries,I mostly live in my fantasy world, i love to read novels and you lifted your right eye brow ( may be you were impressed). I couldn’t control my thoughts of you coming to me, holding my hands, and then making an eye contact ( a passionate one!) But then I was bought to my real world when juniors were asked to leave. 

At that point, we started talking, you held my hand, we usually made eye contacts, you told me about your interests, the way you told me about your past and how your ex girlfriend broke your heart by cheating on you and I told you about my anxiety attacks, how it affected my sub- concious mind and my body but all you did was, a hug. Yes! He hugged me like I was his for the first time, he cared for me and adored me. I cracked more jokes just to see those dimples on your cheeks and you smile. He was adorable. 

Actually he is still adorable but it hurts me to see him with that girl who broke his heart in the past. He’s happy with her now, it’s been 4 months that we haven’t talked, but he still looks at me sometimes. He cares for her like he did for me, he brings her chocolates like he used to bring for me. He’s happy, legit he is I guess. And me? May be in another life!? I’ll look for him in another life first because he is someone else’s in this life, may be it’s my fault that I came late into his life because if was her I would have never let him go .