Sally and Jack had been married for five years after meeting as college sweethearts. Everything appeared to be well until Sally’s routine examination discovered she had a fatal, incurable condition. Jack was devastated and accompanied Sally to every appointment, looking into every possibility—no matter how unlikely—to find a cure.

Jack did everything he could to keep Sally comfortable as her sickness worsened, and their love only grew more intense and meaningful. They talked about what a long life together may have been like while spending romantic moments gazing into one another’s eyes. Even though Sally’s time was running out, she was able to recognise Jack’s deep affection for her and cherished every day they had together.

When Sally passed away, Jack was distraught.

but he was happy that he got to love and cherish her for every possible moment. He knew that her memory and their love would live on in his heart, no matter what.

Jack used his grief as inspiration to help others, to raise money for research about terminal illnesses, to live his life to its fullest and to honour Sally’s memory. He finally felt close to her again and was dedicated to living his life in her honour.

On the anniversary of Sally’s death, Jack put a note in her grave that said: ‘You have been my sunshine. Because of you, I am a stronger and better person. You will always be in my heart.’

Even though Jack and Sally never got the happy ending they had hoped for, the time they had together changed them both for the better