This story is about Zoya and her boyfriend Karan. They have planned a trip to Lonavala and the trip has been ended with an unexpected twist.  


Zoya was eagerly waiting for the message from Karan. Within a minute she has received the love message.

Zoya: love you too Karan

Karan: then what about our dating plan?

Zoya: you are too fast. I have to think about it

Karan: just finalize the date

Zoya: ok, give me a week. I will tell you when we can go for dating

Karan: one week. Oh my god.

Zoya: please Karan. Just a week

Karan: hmmm ok.

After this conversation Zoya was thinking about their first meeting.   Zoya and Karan came to know each other through Facebook. They were not school or college friends. They have a mutual friend called Rishi. Karan had sent a friend request to Zoya inspired by her display picture. Zoya has accepted his friend request as she saw Rishi as his mutual friend.

Though Zoya accepted his friend request he did not interact with Zoya. But Zoya has sent a message to Karan by mistake instead of her college friend Karan Patel. After the message got delivered to wrong Karan Zoya realized her mistake. So she has sent another message mentioning about her mistake. Then Zoya got the message from Karan. He has sent its ok with a smiley emoji.

Zoya thought Karan will utilize this opportunity and he will try to talk with her. But he did not do that. So Zoya thought Karan was different from other boys.

Zoya and her friends want to celebrate the New Year in a grand manner.  So they had arranged for a party in a restaurant. The party lasted up to 1A.M. When they were about to leave the restaurant they were surrounded by a group of men. Zoya and her friends were shocked and they did not know what to do. At that time, Zoya saw Karan with his friends in the corridor of the restaurant. So Zoya went to Karan and introduce herself as his Facebook friend. She also requested him to help her and her friends.

Karan accompanied with Zoya and her friends. So Zoya was impressed by Karan. She thanked him that it was a timely help. Then Zoya and Karan began to talk.

Zoya now think about Karan and his decent behavior. So she decided to go on a date with Karan. Karan was happy as Zoya believe him to such an extent that she has agreed for a date. Both of them planned to visit Lonavala.

Zoya and Karan’s First date

They have reached Lonavala on early morning. They have also booked a hotel to stay for few hours. Zoya and Karan thoroughly enjoyed the trip. They have talked a lot and have discussed everything about their future plans.

Zoya: Karan, its’ raining now.

Karan: hmm. What to do now?

Zoya: ok, let us leave

Karan: as you wish.

When they are about to leave the place they had noticed that Karan’s car got punctured and it also has minor issues. So Karan asked Zoya to stay in hotel itself. He saw a mechanic shop near to the hotel. He said he will go to that shop and come with a mechanic.

Zoya: Karan. I will also come with you.

Karan: no. Zoya, it’s raining. So you stay here. I’ll come in 20 minutes.

Zoya: ok, Karan. Let us do one thing. When you are walking towards the mechanic shop, just use your phone to capture the sceneries around you and sent it to me.

Karan: ok, nature lover. I’ll send you the pictures. Don’t leave the hotel till I came back. You are alone here.

Zoya: I am not a baby. Go and come soon

After few minutes Zoya has received the pictures from Karan’s mobile.

Karan has not arrived even after 1 hour. She was worried.

Zoya: she waited for 30 more minutes but Karan didn’t reach the hotel. So she has decided to move to the mechanic shop.

Zoya: she has reached the mechanic shop and asked them about Karan. But they didn’t know about Karan. So Zoya showed his photo which has been stored in her mobile. The mechanics said they saw that man.

Mechanic: madam ji, we have asked him extra money if we have to come to the hotel to repair the car. But he did not agree. So he moved on to the next mechanic shop.

Zoya: where was the other mechanic shop?

Mechanic: Madam Ji, you have to walk 15 minutes from here.  I think he (Karan) would have reached there by this time.

So she waited in the first mechanic shop for 10 minutes. But Karan didn’t come there. So she asked a mechanic to come with her to the hotel and to repair the car.

Mechanic: madam ji, you have to give me extra payment than service charge as I have to walk to the hotel.

Zoya: ok, I’ll give you. Don’t waste my time. I have to find Karan also.

Zoya and the mechanic reached the hotel and within 15 minutes the mechanic has repaired the car. But still Karan has not arrived. When she was thinking about Karan she has received the pictures from Karan. So she was sure that Karan is playing with her and he is planning something special for her. Zoya was waiting for Karan at the reception of the hotel.

After few minutes, a policeman arrived at the hotel reception desk. He was enquiring about Zoya. As she heard her name Zoya moved to the reception desk.

Zoya: sir, I am Zoya, what happened?

Police: Karan?

Zoya: yes, we both came today and we are staying here.

Police: sorry mam. A bad news for you

Zoya: what?

Police: an accident has happened madam.

Zoya: oh my god.

Police: your friend Karan who was walking in the road has met with an accident.

Zoya: where is Karan now?

Police: sorry mam, he is dead on the spot itself.

Zoya: she was shocked and cried. After few minutes she said, are you kidding? Just five minutes back he has send the photos.

Police: that is not possible mam. When we reached the spot your friend has died already. We got the invoice receipt of the hotel from his pocket. So we came here. In the hotel register the name has been mentioned as Karan Zoya. So we asked about you.

Zoya: but I have received his photos.

Police: we couldn’t find any mobile from his pocket. It would have been near the accident spot. We will find it.

Zoya: but what about the photos? How he can take those photos if he is dead? How the pictures have been sent to my number?

Police: I don’t know.

While talking to the policeman Zoya has received a new message. She was shocked as she got a new message from Karan’s number. She thought may be someone is using his mobile from the accident spot. So she started reading the message.

After few minutes Zoya fell to the ground.

Policeman: So the policeman took the mobile from her and read the message.

Message: sorry dear, I couldn’t reach you and the message has been sent along with a smiley emoji from Karan.