I had a diary gifted to me by someone. The cover of which said  “Never Look Back” and a picture of an empty road surrounded by lush greenery either side. I have had a habit of writing whenever I feel like and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a special book meant for writing. It always was with something that I have experienced and learned from or observed about.

But with this one dairy, I was  showing a tendency for waiting for the right moment, probably waiting for something amazing to happen to me so that I could convince myself for a grand opening ceremony for the book. Little did I realize that the word amazing in this context is myopic because it is driven by an implied expectations or desire, while forgetting the great things happening at this very moment.

For far too long, we have been blindsided into believing that something awesome, amazing, beautiful is right at the corner of the near future, while actually it is right here in this moment. Having this epiphany at that moment made me realize life can only be LIVED now, neither in the past nor in the future. All these moments in life do not really have to be rewarding, happy, awesome, amazing  since “you only need the light when its burning low, only miss the sun when starts to snow” as summarized by Mike Passenger.