I heard the katydids singing in the trees, the owls making their hoots, the waterfall climbing down from my rusty tin roof and saw the paper boats swinging themselves in the city floods far somewhere a drain was clogged with things no more needed, the manhole was blocked. Dreams, aspirations and desires and lastly failures conglomerated there, but none to pick them up, again, and none to dare.

I heard the children through the water logged streets, laughing jolly showing their teeth, the water parted by the force of joy from their ever running feet, cutting the air and the aqua in two like Noah but with no Bible to read. God left their side, but their hearts show no spite.

I saw the wind blowing the drizzle growing, making it rain rain, washing away stain and the alley cat’s pain.

I felt the smell of water polluted, soil well soiled and the coiled, and the trash floating around.

Look there is me and look there is you.

Something burnt the sky and it screamed, was it the one we call God?

Or was it just us scared to hear our own yells?

The ceiling fan stood still, the bulb faded its light, but still I smelled the electricity, somewhere deep inside.

The water is seeping through, now it is my turn, it rot the bed, the cupboard, grazed the mirror. I could not see my own reflection, there is no candle to burn.

Die away, rot away, o human heart, o human body, o human soul.

Die away, rot away, close your eyes let us not see anymore, let us not dream anymore.

Die away, rot away, but yes with music still reaching your ears, as your last parting gift from your feeble life.

Listen to nature play her last beat.

Listen to the monsoon songs.