Once there lived a lion, named Madotkata in a jungle. He was the king of the jungle. He had a leopard, a jackal and a crow in his service along with other animals of the jungle. They regularly went out in search in search of food together. 
One day when they were wandering about the jungle, the lion saw a camel at some distance. The camel was alone; it might be separated from its caravan and was eating green grass of the jungle. The camel seemed an extraordinary animal to the lion that he had not seen such animal like before. He said, “Let us go to this animal and asked him to where he comes from.” The crow, who flies to seen many places was aware to this animal. He replied to lion, “Sir, it is called a camel and he lived in villages. His flesh tastes very good so we should kill it and eat it.” But the lion disagreed to the crow and said, “As he does not belong to our jungle, so he is our guest. We cannot kill it. Go to him and assure him that there will be no harm here and bring him to me.”
As according to the instructions of lion, they went to the camel and assured him that they were come here to bring it to the lion. There will be no harm to you. They won its confidence and then brought the camel to the lion.” They all reached the lion, the camel bowed before the lion. He narrated how he had gotten separated from his caravan and then how he reached to the jungle.”
After hearing this from the camel, the lion said to him, “O dear, if you return to the village you should carry burden again on him. You can stay here in the jungle under my kingdom and can feast the green grass of the jungle without any fear.” The camel agreed to the offer and then they all lived happy together.
One day, due to a fight with a mad elephant the lion got severely wounded that he could not take few step without any help, even could not move him. So he was unable to go out for hunting. Within few days due to lack of food and injuries, the lion became very weak. The other animals also starving, as they depend on the lion for their food. 
Within few days when the lion unable to bear hunger anymore, he called the crow, the jackal and the leopard and said to them, “Please go and find any animal that I can prey even in my weak condition. And in this way I can provide food to all of you and also for myself.” Thus all the animals went away in jungle in search of food but they succeed and started returning to their home. 
On their way the jackal had a plan. He said to the crow, “There is no point of searching about the jungle when the food is in front of us. The camel can provide us the food for all of us for a long time.”

Then the crow replied to him, “May be what you say is correct. But the lion has promised the camel of his safety. He will not allow to kill him.”
The jackal said, “Leave it to me. I will convince the lion in such a way that he will allow us to kill the camel and feast on the camel. You all wait till I return after a discussion with the lion.”

Then the jackal went to the lion and said to him, “O king, we have looked all around the jungle but could not find any animal for you. All of us had not eaten food from so long that we can hardly walk properly. If such condition remains for few more days we all will die due to hunger. Under such condition, if you allow to kill the camel, his flesh can provide food for all of us for many days.”

The lion disagreed and shouted on him, “Shame on you! How can I kill the camel when I assured him that his life will be safe under my kingdom? I cannot even think likewise.” But the jackal continued, “Sir, it would be a sin to kill him after you assured him of his safety. But if he himself offers as your food by himself, it would not be a sin to kill him and accept 
his offer.” The jackal continued convincing the lion, “Sir, it is our duty to serve our king. If we cannot serve his master in his time of need then what good we are and for what reason we live. Please kill one of us for yourself and others to save the rest of us from dying out of hunger.” The lion did not have nothing to say and then he replied to him, “Please do what you think would be best for all of us.

After this, the jackal returned to the other animals and said to them, “Our master is sick and weak now. If something happened to him, we will protect us. We have failed to get any animal after searching throughout the jungle. Now the only way to serve our master is to offer ourselves to him to save his life. And in this way the rest of us would be saved from dying of hunger too.” 
Then they all reached the lion and according to the plan, all of them stood before the lion and bowed. They informed the lion that they did not succeed to find any animal for their food.
First the crow said to him, “Master, we could not find an appropriate animal for your food. So, I offer myself to you. Please accept me as your food to save yourself from hunger.”
Suddenly the Jackal interrupted the crow, “Dear crow, you are too small to provide meal to your master. Even if he agrees to accept your offer, it will not be enough for his survival. You have already proven your devotion to your master, there is no need to serve himself.
Then he turned towards the lion and said, “Master, please accept me as your meal. He continued, “Master, please eat me to save yourself from hunger. If you accept my offer, I will be honoured and find a place in heaven.

On hearing this, the lion refused his proposal. In this way, the other animals started offering themselves, but the lion refused all the proposals.
The camel was observing all this and he thought, "All of them speak so beautifully about offering themselves, but the master refuses to kill any of them. I shall try to impress the 
master in a similar way."

Thinking in such a way, the camel said to the other animals, "You have offered yourself, but the master cannot eat you because all of you belong to the same category as the lion himself. I want to offer myself for my master". 

Within few moments the camel came forward toward the lion and bowed before the lion. He said, “Master, you need not kill any of these animals. Please eat me instead. I offer myself in return to your debts. I shall find my way to the heaven, if you may please accept my offer."

Within few moments as the camel offer himself, the other animals began to cheer up. As the lion already influenced by the jackal, he jumped on the camel and killed him. Then the camel’s flesh eaten by all the animals together and he lost his life.

The wise indeed say: 

Always be on guard when you are in the company of wicked people. Do not be taken in by their sweet words.