The story is about Naina. Just like other girls she finds faults in her life and wants to live like her neighbor Reshmi. Naina started looking at her life in a different perspective after talking with Reshmi at the end.  


Naina was upset. Her mom scolded her for not getting pass marks in the exam. What she can do? She was good in academics and she always gets good marks in the examination before she met Rahul.  She couldn’t concentrate well in studies after she started loving Rahul. Both are studying in the same college and their conversation won’t end even after college. But her parents are not aware of her love affair. They are shocked when a top scorer like Naina failed in the exams.

Naina: mom, I’ll get good marks in the upcoming exams. Please allow me to speak with my friends.

Mother: not at all. You didn’t fail even in your class test during school days. You are the top scorer in school. But now you have failed in your college exams.

Naina: ma, even bright students also do mistakes. Moreover this is not a school exam. I am doing engineering and the subjects are very tough.

Mother: if the subjects are tough then work hard. Are you not ashamed of yourself?  Your mom and dad are teachers and you are getting poor marks in exams. This is the last warning to you. If you don’t score well in exams then you will not be allowed to do anything without my permission.

Naina: ma, please give me a chance to prove myself.

Mother: stop acting Naina. I think you got inspiration by our neighbor Reshmi. If you didn’t study well then you won’t get any job. You have to act like her in films.

Naina: ma, there is no need to include Reshmi in our fight. She is good and educated as well.

Mother: oh, really. Then why she didn’t go for work?

Naina: ma. Acting is her passion.

Mother: Naina, stop praising her. Don’t speak with her.

After this conversation Naina didn’t want to speak with her mother. But she couldn’t stop thinking about Reshmi. Reshmi is her neighbor and also an actress. She was living in the same apartment for the past 5 years.

Initially Reshmi also studied in the college. After a year she discontinued her education and started acting. Naina and others in the apartment were surprised. But they couldn’t find the reason why she chose the acting field.

Before she became an actress Naina would talk with her. But now Reshmi was busy in her work and Naina also didn’t know the time when she will be available in her home. Sometimes Reshmi will come to home at midnight and sometimes she will go for outdoor shooting.


Evening at Home

Mother: Naina, I am going to the temple. Don’t go anywhere and concentrate in your studies.

Naina: ok ma.

After 10 minutes someone knocked the door

Naina: she opened the door and got surprised on seeing Reshmi. Please come in Reshmi.

Reshmi: Naina, I don’t have much time. I came here to talk something important with you.

Naina: tell me Reshmi.

Reshmi: I have heard the conversation between you and your mother in the morning.

Naina: she feels guilty and said sorry Reshmi.

Reshmi: don’t tell sorry Naina. Your mother was right.

Naina: hmm. I wish if I could act like you in films.  I don’t want to study engineering. Due to my parents compulsion I took this course.

Reshmi: Naina, don’t say like that. I am leading a stressful life. I never like to act. I would like to study like other girls. But the sudden death of my father changed everything. My father had faced huge loss in his business and due to that he had sudden heart attack. We need money to clear the debts. We need 50 Lakhs at that time and that too within a week. Where we can go?

My uncle is a film producer and he gave us the money. But he insisted me to sign a film contract. Due to that I started acting. I cannot sleep and eat on time. But I should look good in front of the camera. This is my life.  But your life is different. You need not to worry about money. Your parents will take care of you. You need to concentrate only in studies. This is a blessed life Naina. So make use of it and study well.

Naina: Naina realizes her mistake and she thank god for giving her a wonderful life.