It was the morning of the day 5th – the day they had to leave all this beauty and peace and head back to the city mayhem. Abhay and his wife Sonam were awake from 4 am itself trying to grasp the valley in their eyes while their children slept. The snow lasted the entire night and as a result, the valley was covered in a thick white sheet. They did not talk to each other till seven in the morning when their kids were getting up and just admired this trip as a whole. Neither of them knew what was going to happen.

They planned to leave the valley as early as possible but the snow delayed them by a good number of hours, and finally, when the snow stopped it was around 3 in the afternoon. This was the dilemma time when the couple was discussing whether to stay or leave the next day but Abhay was not in a state to delay his scheduled meeting and convinced his wife to leave on the same day. They all were packed by 4 pm and they left Spiti after bidding their final goodbyes.

It was almost dusk and the night sky shined the bright moon light to light their way back. Already being delayed Abhay decided to drive the whole night and reach the city by the next morning which was strongly opposed by his wife and kids, but being ignorant he did not pay attention to his wife and kept on driving.

It was around 2 am in the morning when his wife and kids were sound asleep in the back seat of the car and by looking at them he too felt tired and wished to sleep, but did not. It was not until their car slipped on a snowy mountain curve and was rushing down towards the snow covered valley minimum thousands of feet away that he realized his tired body had shut itself down and made him nap for a few minutes. There were various kinds of thoughts rushing through his and his families mind like he is responsible for the death of his wife and kids, that he will never be able to meet his whole family again and many more of the similar kind. To their luck, they got stuck on a branch of a big tree with their shattered car facing down towards the deep valley. The first thought that crossed his mind was the condition of his family and straightaway he noticed injuries on the bodies of his fainted family members. This was the time that their actual struggle started as it was late night time with zero vehicles crossing the mountain, plus it was not the time for tourists to visit the valley. Moreover, there was no source of communication with anybody possible as there were no signals on the mountain and to add to their problems the branch was also not too strong to be able to hold them for long.