Today Facebook is everywhere and of course India too. Most of us are connected through this social platform to the world, in fact this media is working as a huge platform for many talents across India. But a few of us only are aware of the story of Managing Director at Facebook India which truly inspires the young aspiring women of India.

Kirthiga Reddy born and brought up in a middle class family of Chennai, India was always expected to sacrificed during childhood to cover up the expenses of family.

Post her bachelors degree in engineering he started climbing stares of success. Initially, she worked as an assistant with Yashwant Kanetkar helping him to finish his book on programming samples.This helped her achieve the financial situation to move to USA where she completed her M.S. and M.B.A.

Reddy has worked with quiet a huge number of top notch companies like Motorola, Silicon Graphics etc. She was the only women in her team to achieve such heights, the first Indian employee to have worked at such a giant level with so many M.N.Cs. Her this profile helped her to gain a career in Facebook India to which she made many contributions and achieved the position of CEO of Facebook India.

Reddy is soon shifting to US again to join the Facebook at it headquarters. This is the evidence of her level of expertise that facebook is hiring her at its headquarters.

Her few words of excitement as a proud CEO and employee of such a huge company and as a concerned mother of two daughters, during one of her interview was –

“ When my family relocated to India, we knew that we would have to move back to the U.S someday. It is a bittersweet moment to that the return time frame  is coming up in 6-12 months. Our two daughters start high school and middle school respectively this year- which serves as a natural transition point to make this move back.”

The success journey from a middle class Indian child to an USA citizen has not been easy for Kirthiga. Shifting to places and yet showing a responsive attitude has helped her a lot to achieve success. In the beginning Facebook did not had any office in India and also was not aware of the fact that how should it work to expand its business within Indian boundaries but Kirthiga initialized step and has ran many success and many failed campaigns to popularize Facebook in India.

We are all aware of the fact that racism has always been an issue for Indian at overseas but only a few like Mrs. Reddy could overcome racism and win hearts by their exceptional skills and dedication. Kirthiga’s confidence level has always increase with her amazingly increasing graph of achievements , which has helped her willingly face a tougher battle in USA  at the facebook headquarters being an Indian.