Pablo was sitting in the garden of his house in Italy where his grandchildren Ruby and Amber were playing, he was at ease watching Ruby and Amber getting along well and finally not fighting. These days pablo’s main concern was his grandchildren who seems to be fighting over every small things but there were times when things where peaceful in his home like at this moment. He never noticed how fast Ruby could run or how creative ambre was when she invent new games to play, but now when he was living these moments, when he discovered new things about his grandchildren, he was finally happy and comfortable with his life.  

He remembers the time when everything was falling apart in his life, Pablo never had a moment when he was satisfied with his life, not even a home, no parents, he has to work from the age of 12 to make a living for himself. Pablo was raised in an orphanage, he didn’t had much trouble fitting in but his desire to make something out of his life and be happy driven him to run away from orphanage and start working to make a living on his own. Pablo worked many odd jobs till the age of 24 when he finally found a full time job as an assistant marketing manager, he started thinking of settling down now when he has a real job but just in 2 years he lost his job because the company went bankrupt. He lost all his hopes and months went by and pablo was about to give up and return to the way lived before, when he found a flyer with an advertisement, this became his last ray of hope, the flyer said ‘required skilled professionals for marketing’ , he put all his dreams into this one job because he was way behind his rent and was about to kick out of his small apartment, this was maybe his only chance or else he has to go back to doing different odd jobs which will never help him achieve his dreams. 

He applied for this job and got an interview, when he went to interview, the person sitting in front of him looked at pablo and asked him why does he wants this job? ‘i want to have a stable life and be satisfied with it, and this job maybe my last hope for it’ replied pablo, the interviewer said ‘if you want to be satisfied then do u think job is the only option? I see in your resume that you did so many jobs, seems like you are multi-talented, why don’t you start your own thing? Like a small business?’ pablo replied with all the reasons he can gather in his mind at that time but while returning home he knew exactly what he had to do. Soon after the interview he got selected for the job, pablo worked for this company for 2 more years and invested his money into stocks which in 2 years was enough for him to start his business, he already has the experience he opened a small marketing firm, which is a big Empire now. He was basically all alone for more than 35 years of his life, when he met the love of his life renu, pablo and renu soon got married and had a son jade. But when jade turned 3 renu fell very ill and died, pablo once again felt helpless but jade made him live, jade was the only reason pablo wants to give living a try once again, pablo’s business was doing fine if not great, he put all his strength in raising his son and building his business. After years of struggle with his work life finally pablo was financially independent and had jade the reason of his existence.

All he ever wanted was to be satisfied with his life, not knowing his birth parents and living in orphanage he felt like he was all alone but after renu and jade he was full, after renu’s death Pable was able to overcome the sadness because of jade and he was happy to have him in his life, after all these years pablo was satisfied and happy that he did not gave up, good things finally found their way to him and seeing his grandchildren grow was a bliss to pablo.

He never once thought that life would be so beautiful, he finally had a beautiful family, his son jade, his daughter in law Laura and his beautiful grandchildren Ruby and Amber. Pablo was satisfied with everything he had now or maybe he learned to be happy with the things he already have, he cherished every moment of it, his business was growing and his son is now the owner of the firm pablo started.

“Things may take time and it may feel like nothing is working out but in the end everything will be fine and is it’s not fine then it’s not the end”