Anu came back home. Went directly to her room and locked herself. Tears rolled down her eyes as she realized that all those moments with Sejal she had considered special and loving were so wrong. She felt used, abused and molested. She cried asking herself why did she ever let Sejal touch her like that? But then at that time how could she have known that all that love had such cruel intention!

Anu blamed Sejal for taking advantage of her innocence, she blamed her parents for not teaching her the difference between good touch and bad touch but mostly she hated herself as she allowed Sejal to take advantage. Anu put up a brave face in front of everyone and was the same cheerful girl for everyone else but every night she cried. She cried at how she thought that whatever Sejal did was love.  How the happiest moments of her childhood turned into the saddest ones!

As two – three months went by the tears dried up. Anu paid extra attention during Sex Education class. She wanted to learn so that she would never let anyone else take advantage of her. Time started to heal her. She did not become weak and instead started becoming stronger. She only had one goal in her mind that she will not let other girls face the same trauma. She decided to become a Sex Education Teacher and to join NGO. She wanted to help other girls so that they would never have to face the same situation as she had.

Anu decided to confront Sejal whenever they would meet. She wanted to tell her that what Sejal did was so wrong. How it made her feel? How it affected her future as now she will not be able to trust anyone! she wanted Sejal to realize her mistake and apologize to her.

Anu’s most important decision was that no matter what happens she will not her own child suffer like her. She will teach her children all the things they should know so that they know the difference between right or wrong. She will give her children time so that they always have confidence to tell her everything. She would never let anyone exploit the innocence of her children.