‘Inferno’ is a global bestseller book in the non-fiction genre not just because its a product of Dan Brown. It is an actual mind blowing phenomena where you get merged with the Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, the lead protagonist. This book is a roller coaster ride throughout the intire Italy. You can find yourself glancing at the great artworks and monuments that formed up during the Renaissance period there saving the money you the bucks meant for your pending Italian trip (Excuse the exaggeration !).

The way of portraying the characters is par excellence. You can literally feel the state of mind of each character in depth.
His style of writing is the aspect that keeps you glued to your couch until you finish the book. From a intriguing start, he splits the ongoings into parallel events that converges at the end to a dramatic end that provides us a launchpad to think beyond the box.
The central idea that reigned over this book is the sure shot doomsday we will be facing due to the exponential rise of the world population. The ‘antagonist’ of this book, Bertrand Zobrist, a psychic billionaire geneticist have set a plague that claims to wipe out a major chunk of people from the face of earth within a couple of days. Sounds alarming, right ? The same is the pace of this action packed thriller right from the very beginning !

Will Langdon be able to stop the seemingly cruel disaster ? Is he doing a justice by doing so ? Is Zobrist the actual Messiah ?

To get an answer to plethora of questions like this, you have to read this fast paced thriller..the name is ‘INFERNO’!


  1. Bharti Kumari

    Hey author! I checked out your review of “Inferno” on Storieo. Overall, I think you did a great job capturing the essence of the book and its thrilling storyline. Your description of the characters and their mindsets was spot on, and it made me curious to dive into the book myself. The way you highlighted the central idea of the doomsday scenario and the antagonist’s role was intriguing. One suggestion I have is to include a bit more personal opinion or reflection on your own experience reading the book. It would make the review feel more relatable and engaging. Keep up the good work!