We are not the same person as we were yesterday. It sounds scary but it is true. Yes there are a few habits which do not change or may take years to change, but our needs and wants keep changing as we grow in years.

In time we realize that what gave us joy no more excites us, what made us tick is now become a relic of the old. There is no issue as long as we are aware that we are in a flux, but far often that is seldom the case.

As a human we have tendency to create and hold on to an image, this image is a result of our experiences with ourselves and with people around us, we hold on to aspects that made us feel good, happy, sad, angry, joyful, jealous etc. Slowly these tendencies start dictating our behavior with ourselves and others because we already have a mental image of the outcome or way someone will react, which is open to change and may not be true anymore.

It is easy to test this hypothesis, by thinking about a good friend whom you have lost touch with, just listen to the mental chatter you get in your mind while thinking about that person. All of what you hear may have been true for the time when you were connected, but may not be true anymore, but yet we hold on to that same image. This may sound a small e.g. but try applying this to your own self image.

It is not easy to fall out of this trap, I am still learning and it is an uphill task to challenge the ways of your own mind which seeks refuge in the illusion of that image perhaps because it finds meaning but at the same time it restricts us from growing, giving second chances and be open.  Choose wisely.