The story lingers around a father daughter relationship.

“What have you done to your hair, Jamie?” Catechized Annie with a simper on her beautiful pale skinned face.
“What…WHAT happened, my love?” He cross questioned with a bewildered look.
“Those pins and rubber bands? What are you up to?” Giggled Annie expecting an explanation for those colourful hairpins and pony tails on his hair.

“Ha-ha… Ohh these  …” and suddenly he was interrupted by a sweet little voice of their three year old daughter” Dada…Sit … I have not yet completed.” The culprit for that look of her Dad came running out of her room with her tiny right hand open towards the person she wanted to show her creativity on and her innocent eyes were convincing enough for Jamie to look as stupid as his daughter wanted him to be. 

A tear rolled down from the eyes of a grown up Sarah when that sweet childhood memory made her realize how her Dada left no stone unturned for her happiness. The door of her room opened up and Jamie came in on his wheelchair.” Why are you crying darling?” Asked an anxious father to his daughter on her wedding day.” I will miss you “she said in her choked up voice and Jamie could not stop his tears.

He could not walk for a next few months as he had an accident while driving to his job. A lavish wedding waited up with the bride looking the most beautiful girl in the world. An August wedding with the white theme and a beautiful tent in the lawn waited for the bride to complete the ceremony. Jamie had a surprise for the girl he loved the most in this world.

The wheelchair was given up and he stood up with his legs shaking to accompany his daughter hand in hand for the ceremony.

Taken aback by her Dad’s surprise Sarah started crying like an infant and her Dada hugged her tight taking her to the stage.
He took out a piece of paper from his black suit and started to recite a poem.
“Ahmm… Attention please…This is for you My Princess “said a shaking voice of a father for whom his daughter was the world.

“I Saw It in Your Eyes My Little Doll”
“I never knew I had a Heart 
The day I first met you was the start
Your eyes spoke when words couldn’t
Seeing you grow up was the best thing I could have done
Infinity is just a word for my love for you
You are my life and I wish I never bid adieu
Thank You”

Years later, Sarah gave birth to a baby girl and her Dada was the happiest person dancing in joy holding his granddaughter in his hand. Tears of delight fell from his aged eyes and he named her Robin.
 He knew he doesn’t have much time left to live and a year later Sarah lost the king of her life to a cardiac arrest. Turmoil of emotions ran through her mind and recovering from her Dad’s death was unbearable.
Robin turned three and one day when Sarah came back from work she saw her husband’s and Robin’s face full of powder, lipsticks and all the cosmetics Sarah had. Sarah started crying as she missed her FATHER……  

She turned out to her diary she kept in her cupboard for years and wrote down something for the first time. It said:

“Dear Dada,
Until we meet Again….
Reminiscence from the day I learnt to walk holding your hand till the day you ditched me and left for Heaven will always bring a smile to my face.
If only I could get you back for a while and talk to you like we used to…I have so much to tell you…I hope you can see how much I search for you in the brightest of stars and Robin keeps pointing here and there at the sky looking for her Grandpa…
Dada… I still get kisses and hugs but none of them is as warm as yours…
I have everything, but something is missing…
I wish love was enough to keep you by my side…
I remember everything and whatever is remembered never dies… 
I Miss You

Sarah broke down into tears, took out her favourite dress gifted by her Dada and wept. A silent wind blew from the window and she knew her Dada was there.

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