This is about those times when two countries were fighting with each other. At that time humanity was not a word in the dictionary of any king. The main aim of a king was to conquer other countries despite of destructions caused behind the war, the loss of lives, money, food and other resources. But the king of Jamshedpur Raja Bharat in Jharkhand was born different. The king was praised for his wisdom, bravery and most important humanity. Once the king of Mewad attacked the the kingdom of Raja Bharat . Raja Bharat was not prepared for the war at all but as soon as he got the information about the attack he called out his army and ordered them to be prepared for the war. The king of Mewad was the cruelest king ever known in the history. The war started between the two kingdoms and as usual it led to huge destruction, uncountable soldiers were lying dead on the battlefield and many were injured. After seeing this destruction Raja Bharat ordered the doctors of his kingdom to give medical treatment all the soldiers no matter which side he was fighting for. This announcement shocked the kingdom of both sides. According to Raja Bharat the fight was between him and king of Mewad the soldiers fighting in the battlefield were innocent. In order to protect their king they showed courage and died. After Raja Bharat ordered doctors to treat soldiers irrespective of kingdom they they belong to lakhs of soldiers were given medical treatment and gave them a new life. After seeing this the kind act of Raja Bharat the king of Mewad got realized that war only lead to destruction. After this, the king of Mewad stepped back and praised Raja Bharat for his kindness. Through this act Raja Bharat showed that humanity still exists and comes before war and victory.