This all traces back to the college. It was the first year of Radhika in Delhi University when her father told her to now get married and settle down as these studies will not do any good in the life of a girl, he further thought that girls are meant to be at home and not go out to earn. This is a typical conservative thought of an Indian household.

Radhika always denied this as she had even bigger dreams. She did not study so hard in class twelfth just to marry a man and settle down without realizing her full potential. Every time her father would tell her to marry to even talk about a boy in their family she would get really angry and would ask him to leave immediately.

This continued for quite a while and her father gave up. One day they both sat at the coffee table and had a one on one conversation with each other. Radhika demanded five more years as she was just nineteen. She also kept a bet on it, she told her father that if till twenty – four she is not able to achieve anything then she would get married to a boy of their choice and would settle down to which he father was a reluctant a bit initially as five years was a really long time to ask for by a girl but her somehow accepted the deal. Every day this deal would motivate Radhika to achieve something before she turned twenty – four.

The three-year went by really quickly and she secured the first position in her college and was also named the course topper.

“This is only a start, ” she said to herself

Her father was really happy for her and was content that he agreed to the deal. But due to some unforeseen turns in business, he lost everything. His factory, his retail, his name, his goodwill/reputation all was destroyed because of a simple change in the government policy towards businesses. This all gave him a heart attack and was directed not to take any tension or his condition could become worse. But how could he not take tension or not worry. He had a daughter who was now of a marriageable age and he lost his everything to the policy. This gave him sleepless nights and tension full days. The savings from business was majorly being spent on his treatment and to keep the house chores running until any other way of earning was found.

Her father joined the family business immediately after class twelfth thus he did not have any degree or work experience to be able to get a job, all he was getting was a job in a call center which had a really low pay. But something is better than nothing as keeping this in mind he joined a repute=ed firm as a voice consultant with a starting salary just enough to keep the household running, there was no scope for savings at all.