Bright sunny winter morning and a group of four friends Ryle, Clad, Collin and Arman decided to go for a weekend getaway to a nearby hill station. Everyone started packing their backs in their dorm rooms and headed to the nearest bus stop. Beautiful and serene sights followed them to their destination “Edinburgh”.

Edinburgh is a medieval old town situated in Scotland. The hill station is alluring and as the cold breeze hit their faces, there was a new feeling of freedom and happiness. Away from the bustling university and dorms to a peaceful and quiet hill station. During the afternoon they decided to explore the local market and other places to see in and around the place. The market was filled with antique pieces, vintage clothes, history books, abstract paintings and a lot more. Feeling all touristy, they tried different cafes and restaurants to eat all the local cuisines of Edinburgh.

Collin booked an Airbnb apartment for them to stay in for the night. The Airbnb was about 10 km from the local market, so after having dinner they all went to check in to their Airbnb.

It was around 8 pm and Arman said, “I have seen a church while sitting in the cab, let’s go there!”. Everyone agreed and Clad rented a car. So after 30 minutes, they all were ready to leave. As it was getting darker the excitement was getting lower as it looked haunted. From the outside, it appeared menacing and imposing. On reaching the church clumps of rotten leaves clung to the base and within seconds everything turned dark. They got down from the car and started moving quietly near the church. There were bones of humans and animals, broken sticks etc. As they got scared they thought of getting back to the car but suddenly their feet started dragging backwards. They tried their level best to run away as they started hearing noises too. As they reached the car they drove quickly and went back to the Airbnb. As they arrived they asked the Airbnb owner about the church and he said, “It’s the world’s most haunted church, you guys came back; it’s a big thing. Whoever goes there, never returns. It is full moon today and that’s the only reason you people survived”.

All of them were shocked to hear this and were thanking god for saving their lives. They slept and the next day they read about the church and came to know about the evil spirits and paranormal activities that have happened there.

They went back to their university and told their friends and professors about it. All of them were surprised and thankful to them that they told about the church to them as the next university tour was planned to go to Edinburgh and visiting the church was on the itinerary!