In the small town named Malana lived a young girl named Hasrat. She had rosy little cheeks and brown eyes that her mother adored. She said that they reminded her of Hasrat’s father who died in a car crash when she was just 11 months old.

That day she had been waiting for her mother for an hour in her school and still, there was no sign of her. So she decided to climb into the regular bus to her village that always left at 2. She looked at her watch, it was 1:30. So without wasting any time, she trotted off to the bus stop.

By the time she reached the bus stop, she was panting and sweating profusely. As soon as the bus started she opened the window and started looking at the trees and fields outside. The bus passed by the market from which her mother used to buy her sweets of all kinds from Raju Kaka’s shop and her mouth began watering after seeing the Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, and loads of other sweets that were on display.

Suddenly the bus halted and she started walking towards her home and started singing the poem that her teacher taught her that day. Soon she reached the well near which her little sister always ran and hugged her tightly as soon as she came back from school but today she was not there. A very weird feeling crept into her but she decided to ignore it and went ahead. But as soon as she saw her reflection in the well she knew what was wrong. She sprinted toward her home. Her pigtails that were always neat were unkempt, and her uniform was bedraggled. A sudden fear started creeping her and all her nightmares started flashing in front of her eyes.

She reached her home but no one was there. She kept shouting, “Ma!” and entered her mom’s room. No one was there. She dropped to the floor and tears started trickling down her face. She wanted her mom to hug her and console her but her mom would never be there for her. She was dead. Reality struck her and she realized that it’s been a week since her mom passed away and now she lived with her grandparents in the city. Her tears knew no bounds and she sat there in the dark room crying silently.



    The story accurately captures the suffering a child goes through after the loss of a mother. There is no way to ever fill the hole inside. A mother’s love knows no bounds. From the moment you’re brought into her life, she continuously gives, nurtures and showers you with her care and affection. It is because of this special bond that makes imagining your world without her feel unfathomable. Using the example of Hasrat, the writer has aptly defined the pain and suffering of the child after the loss of her mother.

  2. Neha

    Through the eyes of a young child, “Hasrat” is a touching and potent tale that effectively examines issues of loss and grief. It is an engaging story due to the vivid descriptions, emotional depth, and realistic narrative.
    The story immediately draws the reader in and involves them in Hasrat’s world and her yearning for her mother. We follow Hasrat on her journey while feeling her anticipation, fear, and ultimately her grief thanks to the vivid descriptions and swift pacing of the story, which keeps us interested.
    Hasrat experiences a heartbreaking realisation when she realises her mother is missing, and the reader is compelled to share her enormous sorrow.

    The strength of the narrative resides in its capacity to awaken strong feelings and foster a sense of connection with the characters.
    Overall, “Hasrat’s Heartache” is a strong and inspirational work of fiction. It is a riveting read thanks to the author’s skillful execution, vivid depiction, and exploration of complex emotions.