“No, don’t,” yelled the little Autumn. She ran as quickly as she could. She could not see anything in the pitch-black lane since there was nowhere to look, but she continued sprinting despite her eyes being completely blinded. The area looked like an abandoned forest. She was being chased by a huge figure who looked like a male. She ran with all of her energy while continuing to look back. She stumbled abruptly and fell into a pit. She could feel herself sink in the filthy muddy waters. She screamed for help. She was so terrified that she was losing her consciousness and blacked out just to open her eyes in her room. It was the same dream again.

Ten-year-old Autumn resided with her parents. She first noticed odd dreams when she was 6 years old. In the dreams, she constantly found herself drowning in dark streets, shadowy forests, sometimes even in deserts. There was a figure, a man in a black robe. His face was constantly obscured by the hood he wore; all that could be seen of him was an eerie monstrous smile. But Autumn was a bold, daring young girl who was now determined to find out why she was having these nightmares. These dreams were not typical; they followed a peculiar pattern. Whenever she had those dreams, it poured constantly outside.

Today it poured again, but she was ready to learn the answers of her weird dreams. She was holding a board with the words “You can trap the devil in here” written on it. She closed her eyes while holding the board and slept off into a nightmare. She landed on the ground with a “thud” and was met by two bizarre eyes. Even though it was the same man, his face was not covered, rather the darkness today obscured his face. She pushed the board in front of that strange creature while holding it. A bright light shot through the board, everything was engulfed by black.

In Autumn’s room was kept that board, which had a silhouette of the girl and stated that Autumn had vanished forever, was trapped in that board forever. “THE DEVIL WAS TRAPPED FOREVER”.