In this world full of selfish people there was a girl named Sini who was totally unaware of this fact. Sini was a gracious girl who was always ready to help others in any situation. She used to treat everyone with love and affection. In her school also everyone knows her because of her extreme honey like attitude. But there is a saying which states there is no value of goodness in today’s evil world. Poor Sini also has to face this bitter truth.

One day while she was returning home from shopping she heard of some unusual screaming coming from a nearby building. Out of curiosity Sini began to run towards it. After a few minutes she saw a gang of goons were trying to kidnap a girl and she was asking for help. Despite many people watching the scene, no one was willing to go up and help that poor girl.

Suddenly Sini began to run towards the girls with sticks and other essentials. When she reached there her whole body began to shake as they all along with that girl began to tighten her with a rope. They began to laugh at her as if she had committed a big crime. She was totally confused. Unknown of their intentions she thought they must be doing prank on her and later on they will thank her for the help. When she asked the girl what was her fault, then the girl replied, “I was just acting, I just wanted to see who will come to save me and I had already decided that I will kill that fool immediately. Just showing you how cruel this world is. Goodbye girl.” 

Saying this she killed Sini and in her last moment Sini realized her mistake that being good to anyone is injurious to her health. Good things only happens to bad people in today’s world.