Its about how friendship is important in one’s life and how great friends a girl and a guy could be.

Running through my memories, those days were happy and wonderful when I had Aadhi with me. I really can not forget that one day-out with him where we became so close ever after our meeting at the party.

The week after the party was good with a few little talks with Aadhi during the tea breaks. He asked me if I could join him on a day-out with him that weekend. I thought for a while, yet I agreed. It was the very first time I was hanging out with a guy friend of mine. We planned to take a long travel together so that we would have a lot of time to talk and took his car, headed towards Vellore’s Golden temple. On our way, we conversed a lot about each other’s college life and other funny experiences.

The temple was known for its excellent environment that gave us fruitful peace of mind. We had a nice time visiting the temple where I took photographs of him in different postures. He wondered at my skill of photography and appreciated me. We walked together while he kept commenting about my various habits. I wondered how much he had observed about me in these few days and especially in this trip. He suggested few changes in my dressing styles so that I looked even greater. I had told him that my ex had left me with my beauty as one of the reasons. Aadhi had remembered that and hence suggested me some changes so that I become pretty enough to make my ex jealous of my beauty.

We went to a hotel for the lunch where we came to know about each other’s tastes and food habits. Drowned in our conversation, I got the food struck in the middle way inside my throat. I struggled hard to get it ok while he held a glass of water to me immediately as I coughed. I felt pleased at the way he cared for me without my words. He respected my feelings more than I deserve.

On our way back, he stopped the car at times to refresh ourselves from the tiresome journey. He cared about my comfort with the car, played melodious music, those songs that I had always loved. Even with that, we found our tastes to be similar and that’s how we never quarreled with each other. I felt he was a good person sent into my life just to make me forget my bitter past and have a happy life.

Days at the office were even happy after this day-out with him. We started being frank to each other, to utter our problems with the project so that we found a solution together. Previously we had been fighting at the office only because of our innocence. We had been blindly arguing without hearing the other’s point and now things have changed.

Fortunately, this relationship of ours gave us happiness in all the possible ways. Since we worked together better, we got promoted together for our performances at the office. After promotion, our management arranged meetings at various places of the state and that gave us more chances of having official day-outs together. Life was better then.

Once, Aadhi suffered illness and took leave from the office. That day felt so blank without him and I struggled to pass the day on. At the evening, I reached out to him over phone while he said he was getting better. But the next day, he did not come to the office. I could not tolerate his absence and took leave. I reached out to his home. That was the first time I went to his home and then I understood how lonely he had been just like me. I came to know that he was taking his own medications without visiting the doctor and I scolded him for being so careless. I drove him in his car to the nearby hospital and got him back to home. I made him soups and a simple meal, gave him medicines and cared for him till late evening. He thanked him for taking so much care and then I left to my home. This repeated the next day just as I directly went to his home as I had taken leave for both of us that day. Then it was the weekend. Aadhi got better with his rests and my care. That was the time I had been searching for a new home and hence Aadhi suggested me the one just opposite to his flat in the apartment thus breaking the loneliness of both of us.

Life became better since we were no more lonely. At times, we used to spend the days together at either of the one’s home caring for each other in the best way possible. We respected our feelings and we never had a serious argument. We used to fight childishly for funny things and that made a happier bonding.

I had always felt that he was a gift of my life and he too expressed the same towards me.


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