One fine day, in a small town, a group of bullies were attacking a young shy child who was all alone. Out of nowhere, came a young girl with a hooded jacket and a stick. She hit the bullies with the stick and saved the child. The child hugged her and looked at her face. The girl was Karthi!

“Karthi, Wake up”, And thus, Karthi woke up and realized it was a dream! It was her mother who stole the perfect moment of her dream. However imaginative and bold dreams she had, for the world around her, she remained a shy and silent girl.

As time flew, Karthi grew up to be a kind and empathetic girl. However, she stayed clear from the bullies in her town until one fine day, when she saw her close friend, Priya getting bullied by Shweta, a senior girl at school. Constant bullying had left Priya feeling depressed. She lost her confidence and smile.

Karthi knew she had to do something, even if it meant facing her fears. Determined, she decided to gather her courage and take a stand against Shweta.

With a clear voice, she spoke up,” Shweta, stop bullying and leave Priya alone. Everyone deserves kindness and respect. A complaint is on the way to the Principal, if you don’t let go.” Shweta was taken aback by Karthi’s assertiveness and moved away. Priya regained her confidence and smile.

 The lovely smile inspired Karthi to become the voice of kindness and stand up against any form of bullying in her town. Her act of bravery taught everyone the importance of empathy, standing up for others, and the strength that can be found when we overcome our fears.

 Karthi’s dream came true and she made a small difference in the real world around her!