" Have you ever thought of someone who will wake up after every footfall of life? A person who will take the wrong path just to take revenge for own actions? Seems strange? Rita is a girl born in a horrible family. This is a story where Rita will describe all the things which she went through her life and how she faced every footfall of her life. A person born out of circumstances and one who can take revenge on own as well. A strange mix of emotions and a roller coaster of situations. Read the story about how she faced her life and find out if she won the race or lose to it.."



Rita was just born into a house where the family was super-horrible. She was the daughter of a couple where her dad loved her mother a lot while her grandmother totally disliked her. Since Rajni, who is Rita’s mom was the younger sister of Shital, Rita’s aunty Rita’s grandmother had no reason to deny her father’s choice.

Rajni was tortured mentally while she was pregnant, but suffering so much when she gave birth to Rita, she was the happiest mother she felt. Slowly the things at house started worsening day by day, Shital didn’t liked Rajni at all neither she wanted her to get married to her younger brother- in-law but it was their destiny so they were married. Anger and hatred grew day by day and Rita’s grandmother was the one who was fuelling it thinking that would benefit her. But then one fine day finally Rajni broke to her husband and he realized things which were taking place when he wasn’t around his love. Soon he realized and then things started worsening like hell.

Rajni realized that the only solution to this never ending pain was to bring up her family alone without being in the vicinity of her in-laws and starting with a nuclear family.

She asked her husband to take this action rather than fighting with his own family. He agreed as he felt helpless for his love. Both moved out with their little angel Rita and were then shifted to the new place which his mother gave them. The place was a hell with choked drainage systems and improper buildup. It was like living in trash. Soon Rajni and Kishor started to work on the house and they didn’t have any money to procure the changes of the house or the other expenses related to it. So Rajni took a major step she asked Kishor to sell off her gold jewellery and procure some money in return so that they could convert the trash into a well-developed civilian place where one could live peacefully.

Slowly things started falling in place and then love started blooming back. And Rajni was once again pregnant, she didn’t want this child to enter this world but it was too late for abortion so she kept her as she was too against abortion of her baby. Time flew and a small little baby girl landed in her arms.

Life was beautiful yet tough but she managed to handle her home, kids and of course her love too. Rita was the older child hence she was quite mature and beautiful. She was very fond of her new housemate, her younger sister. She took great care of her. Both grew day by day and soon Rita started with her school. What next, one fine day school teacher called up Rita’s mother that she was very poor and dull in studies which was nowhere going to lead her but getting suspended from the school. Rajni became worried as how to tackle the situation. So she started training her little angel and maintained a timetable so that Rita can grow out as a bright student. Soon Rita became the brightest student in the class securing good grades. Life was blissful for Rajni but as it is said that life is unpredictable so was the life of Rita.  

Chapter 2

One day when Rita was around 10 years old and was in 4th grade went to the girl’s washroom to pee and she forgot to lock the door. She faced towards the wall and started peeing and suddenly what happened next was her classmate entered without noticing her. She was frightened and so was Rita, both shouted loud which attracted the attention of a nearby teacher, who had recently joined and was cousin of this classmate called Rashi.

Now Rita came out and usually went to attend her class and then back home. What Rashi did was she told her cousin that Rita is not a good girl and she talks about private parts and she touches me and so on she went.

The teacher was worried as she thought that may be Rita is suffering something really wrong. But that was not true, what happened next was way too worse.

Rita was actually facing mild depression because her mother was in depression and her mother was the closest person in her life and Rajni explained her life and the struggles she faced in detail, she forgot that Rita was way too small to take that situations lightly. These situations led Rita into mild depression and she used to be blank and quiet in school. What Rashi did was purely out of jealousy because she wasn’t as good as Rita in her studies. The worried teacher talked to Rita’s class teacher to take a look into the matter.

One day Rita’s class teacher called her for a normal chit chat and she asked her what ade her sad. Both liked each other and so Rita felt comfortable sharing her thoughts with her class teacher. She explained everything in detail how Rajni was totured mentally and was asked to do all house chores and she even slipped under the bed being nine months pregnant. That her grandmother was a evil woman who fuelled and worsened their family relationships and how she missed everything, her mother’s smile and father’s happiness. The class teacher thought may be Rita has became too mature that she is hiding the truth and she is showing me the other side of the coin. She assumed that somebody was definitely doing something wrong with Rita.

Soon exams approached and Rita started preparing for it. One day while Rita was still writing her exams, her mother received a call from the class teacher. The class teacher mentioned that the principal has called them both to talk something about Rita. She was worried and called up Kishor to come down for the meeting. Both together enetered the principal’s cabin. What they listened next was more than horrifying.

Chapter 3

The principal opened her mouth only to tell what the class teacher has assumed about Rita and she revealed that somebody was definitely assaulting Rita physically which why she has became quiet and depressed. Rajni and Kishor were in shock, they couldn’t believe their ears as to what they have heard about their little angel. They both returned home and Rajni asked about the matter to Rita, in the evening.

Rajni was very close to Rita and she was comfortable talking everything to her so was Rita too. When Rajni asked Rita that whether somebody was assaulting her or not? Rita was taken aback, she went to shock stage, she was already depressed and soon this news made her more depressed.

Rajni didn’t understood the fact and ignored the matter after some time. But Rita was unable to get over her depression. She matured way too early before her age due all the incidences which were happening in her life. The life was tough for her and it was getting tougher everyday.

The depression was seeming a black hole for her which was sinking her and drowning her.

Meanwhile the cicumstances at home also worsened as Shital had shifted next to Rajni and the mental torture by Shital to Rajni was back again. This time it was more fierceful than it was last time. Rajni was also getting weaker day by day. Her health started depreciating along with which she became mentally weak. This made a drastic effect on Rita too. She matured even more, started taking care of Rajni but then in all this, she losed something. She losed the feeling of being a kid. She losed that sense of curiosity, she didn’t played outdoors anymore. She found herself in adult shoes and thought that she was no more a kid, although she was.

Who knows whose mistake it was but what Rita lost was her childhood and reason behind was her circumstances, family and somewhere her mother. While explaining everything to her daughter, Rajni forgot that Rita will lose her childhood and become mature than before. But that was may be Rita’s fate and she lose her childhood to the adolescence before getting to that age. Things worsened day by day and soon again Rajni was pregnant and this time she was weak, mentally as well physically too which was a final deterioration blow.

The doctor’s suggested that they cannot abort the baby as Rajni was way too weak to handle the abortion. Time flew and a small little baby boy entered her life, her third child and she cried in happiness.

She thought her kids were the only gems she had and were the sole reason of her happiness.

Chapter 4

As the things worsened further, Rajni shifted her mind from in-laws to her kids. The new inmate also made Rita happy a bit and she was getting over her depression.but soon the life showed up its ugly side and they all lose that little baby boy which died due to pneumonia when he was just 6 months old.

This whole 6 months all Rajni considered important was her third child totally ignoring her two little angels. Rita was the oldest and was Rajni’s mental support too and so she was in shock too and mourned to her brother’s death. Their house became a quieter place and Rajni realized the heaviness in the house.

Even she was facing the same trauma but she couldn’t help herself to get over it. She became more quiet and calm.

Kishor realized that he was loosing the grip of his family and so she consoled her love and asked to join beautician’s course. She refused reluctantly but after getting forced by her husband she said yes. She joined the course and soon things again started falling in place. She learned and then his love helped him out to start her very own beauty salon. She became busy and was back to life. Meanwhile Rita too was over her depression as she saw her mother being happy.

Things actually started falling again in place but soon worsened out all. Shital realized the reasons of happiness and was not happy to see Rajni’s life falling back into place. Soon Shital started creating menace and then became the most horrible woman one can ever see in their life. Rajni could withhold the situations and soon decided to move out from the town to a bigger city.

She convinced Kishor for the same as both of them thought the city will be good for children’s education and they both will receive much better exposure. As the nuisance increased day by day their decision to shift from the town affirmed stronger. Soon they shifted to the town where all of their relative lived and all 3 sisters of Kishor were married in the same city. Finally, both had to start again from zero in their life. They considered it as their fate and started living.

You cannot help when your kids start yelling to visit a place just because you love them a lot. So was Rajni helpless as her kids were missing their older brother and uncle, aunty. Finally, Rita and her younger sister both were allowed to travel back to town and spend their vacations with their uncle and aunty. The life was bliss and wonderful for both Rita and her sister, both were enjoying a lot. The next day was quite exciting as Rita’s aunty that his father’s older sister had landed along with her kids. Rita welcomed her older cousin brother and older sister as well. Soon everybody settled and the fun doubles as so many cousins were all together after long time.

Chapter 5

One day Rita’s older cousin brother said that he is going out for a movie, nobody else accompanied him as everybody was too busy in their own work. He returned in the evening and as the other people of the house were out for shopping all were discussing about what was left to be shopped and what all shopping was over, trying all the new bought clothes again and again. Nobody paid heed to ask him that which movie he saw and soon the sun set and the night aroused.

Since it was a summer night everybody took their beds on the terrace to sleep under open sky watching stars. This was the best part of that place and everybody was excited to sleep under open sky.

Suddenly Rita’s cousin asked her to sleep beside her and asked her sister to shift beside Rita. Rita was confused as to why he was asking for Rita to sleep beside him but then her cousin sister said that may be he is not getting enough space as she was too healthy. Rita was convinced and after some chit chat everybody went to sleep. After about 30 minutes Rita’s older brother’s hand was inside her bedsheet and on her stomach.

Rita was awake with her eyes closed so she realized his heavy hand and thought that his hand has entered there by mistake so she just took his hand and kept back on his chest and again went to sleep. After another 30 minutes again her brother’s hand came inside and this time too Rita was awake but she waited to see what exactly he was trying to do. Soon his hand went inside her t-shirt and the t- shirt was taken a bit above till her breasts. Then his heavy hand started coming down and slowly were getting more down inside her panty and just then Rita realized his dirty mind and took his hand fiercely and shrugged it out of her bedsheet.

She was scared and her heart was pumping the blood out very fast. She was shattered, she never thought that his very own cousin her brother would do this kind of dirty behavior. She ran directly towards her own brother and hugged him tightly who was sleeping two people away from her. He was surprised to see Rita in a state of shock and he asked her to calm down. And once she was feeling safe he asked her about why was she in this state, he thought that may be Rita had a horror dream and when he heard the incidence, he was taken aback. He was unable to understand what to do, whether to tell the elders or not, how to handle and Rita was in no state to leave him and asked him to stay with her as she was too much in the terror. So he decided to be with Rita. He took Rita in his arms and slowly made her fall asleep near him and took care of him till the morning. Meanwhile, the culprit just walked downstairs and slept in one of the rooms of the house.

When Rita woke up in the morning she narrated the incidence to her older sister and the culprit’s sister, she immediately told everything to her mom and the worst happened. His mother asked him and he simply said that Rita was just making fake stories and he didn’t do anything to her and he sat watching TV in all arrogance. Rita understood that how mean the world could be and how she needs to protect herself from the cruel eyes of the world. She decided never to talk back with the culprit unless and until it was too necessary. It was a situation which she could neither explain to her parents because it may disturb their family relations and so she suffered all the pain alone. But one thing  which she learned from this incident was in no matter virginity is nowhere the sign of purity and she felt determined that whatsoever happens she will always be the strongest personality in the world and decided to fight her fears on her own.

She was just 11 years old but what she suffered made her mature like a grown up teenager.

Chapter 6

As Rita and her sister had to travel back to their hometown with their aunt and her kids they headed back and bang on just because of the silly mistake of her aunt’s in-laws they missed the train. It was like the culprit and Rita’s sister were successfully able to land to the reserved compartment along with the luggage whereas Rita and her sister managed to catch the train and had to sit in the local boogie while the aunt and Rita’s grandmother were left.

The train speeded as soon as Rita and her sister gripped the train. Seeing that her mother was left behind Rita’s cousin sister asked her to jump from the train but Rita denied as she found that train had gained its speed. Initially she disliked Rita for her decision but then soon realized that Rita had taken the right decision then the next problem was how to reach the reserved boogie near their dear ones.

Somehow struggling and changing boogies on every halt station they managed to reach their destination by 3:00 AM. Both were tired like hell so both slept off till they all reached their city back. On the station next day both the parents of Rita and her sister were there to receive their little angels back home.

Rita was feeling safe and relieved and was happy to be back home. She narrated the night’s story to her parents and asked them to promise her that they would always travel together and will never send them like this ever after. The parents promised them and they understood that their daughters had faced a wreck of mental trauma last night. Soon time passed and Rita forgot the incident and started living happily all again. It was when her mother asked her to join for some ceramic classes and she encountered her teacher who was smart and handsome but not that much.

Rita was 15 by then and was quite attracted to him and he was 29 years old, he had understood Rita’s attraction for him but rather than making Rita understand that her decision was wrong he used her emotionally and physically and Rita fall head over heels for him. Soon Rita’s parents found all this and were totally against her decision to love that teacher and her mother tried with all her strength to make her understand that she was choosing the wrong path.

Soon she too realized it when that teacher told that he was using Rita to Rita’s friend who flirted with him to find out whether he really loved Rita or he was just using her.

And as soon as Rita realized she decided never to look on stupid things like love and started concentrating back on studies. She started excelling her studies and was back to normal. Life sometimes just breaks you into fragments just to ensure that it build a stronger you on inside.

Chapter 7

When Rita was in 12th she called one of her friend’s friend just to have a prank on him and then the guy on the other end and Rita both fell for each other. Rita tried to console her heart and told herself that she had decided never to look back on stupid things like love again. But her heart went over her mind and she surrendered to that guy.

Since Rita and Ashish were way too far from each other they had entered into a long distance relationship and as time passed Ashish flew down to Rita’s city, he actually belonged to that city and was out for studies. When he returned love took on its fire and both were madly in love but this guy Ashish once broke into tears and told the truth that he would not be able to take care of Rita forever as his parents won’t accept her.

She was once again shattered and to sore the pain more her best friend confessed his love and after some time he did the same as Ashish did. Rita was shattered and was depressed.

She blamed herself for all the pain she incurred as she thought she always took the wrong decision and so she thought of being strong and rather be with someone in flirtationship rather than relationship.

After which to take the revenge of her own acts she did entered into 2-3 flings and also became friends with benefits with some. Soon the loneliness of herself returned back and flirtationship seemed boring to her. She abandoned all and started a fresh new journey of life. She changed her number and she settled in peace. She started finding love in her family and started spending a decent life. After so many ups and downs she had faced so far she was contented with all the good and bad times she encountered so far. She thanked god for making her strong emotionally and physically and never looked back on her past again.

She closed the dark doors behind her and buried all the bitter memories and headed straight towards her bright future confidently and never disclosed her dark secrets of past to anybody.

The personality which people see today in Rita was built by the past she faced. It not only made her strong but made her a beautiful broad minded personality where she had no bonds of reserved minds on herself. She was set free of the reserved ill sayings and all the illiterate bullshits. She was a confident modern day woman who tied no bonds with anyone who didn’t thought of sex as a talk of behind the doors. she was a person who supported gender equality and talked in the same manner with both men and women and never was worried about people think her as not even her parents, her past strengthened her to be what actually she was today. She lived happily thereafter leaving all the past grudges behind her.