Family is a part of our life which we are not given the right to choose. This is what we learn from the start of our schooling. Only a few people in the world get families that no matter what will always stay together. I am one of them and I am very grateful that I was not given the choice to choose because I am afraid what if I would have left such an amazing family and chose a wrong one.

Family plays an important role in us being who we are. Similarly my family plays a big role in making me who I am and I feel very lucky to get such a family. In today’s world where most of the families get separated due to money and property matters, there is my family which I know will always stay together no matter what. This is the story of me and my family. Sometimes when I try to think what binds us together, I am not able to come to any conclusions. We are a big joint family of many people who are joined with emotions even though we don’t stay with each other in big havelis like a Sooraj Barjatya movie. Though we would love to stay together, our jobs, studies and other such commitments would let us meet only once or if lucky twice in a year. Maybe us not being able to stay together helps us to bond so well with each other or maybe it is just something I won’t ever be able to figure out.

While writing this story I am chatting with all my family members side by side and all of us are sending crazy selfies to each other to have fun. There are times when I find them to be so crazy that I wish they would just stop embarrassing me but then I do realise how adorable they were. Sometimes I see children cribbing over their parents, their families and telling each other that they wished to be part of each other’s families. Hardly have I ever heard them saying that they are lucky to be a part of their families.

Even I was one of them sometime ago but now after coming to hostel and being independent, I have realised their worth. Coincidentally while writing this I am listening to ‘See you again by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie puth’ and there is a very beautiful line here which is “how can we not talk about family when family is all that we got.”  Sitting in my hostel room right now, all I can remember are the smiling faces of my family members on each occasion that we were together. There is no actual story here but just an urge to share what I feel when I see people not thanking their fate for a beautiful family they got. Even if their families are not together in all ups and downs, I believe that every family no matter what has the strength to bond together it is just that someone has to find the bonding nerve and bring everyone together. I would like to urge all those children to find that nerve and bring your family together because once all of you go to different directions there will never be memories that you would be able to look back to.