The story is about a girl who was ambitious and thus to fulfill her ambition she followed the herd race and found a place in the society as her friend got. But she could not convince herself that she belongs to present work place and could not find any connection to present work culture. In totality, she felt as an alien to that world.

Initially, she was excited as she was placed in a good company. But after a few year, she found that something she missed when she realized ad then she figured out that she lost her identity which she could not make despite she devoted her time and full attention to the work. And one day, she explored her true self and also found her passion with a purpose.

When she found her true-self she felt that she found her true identity and she also felt so powerful that she could stand even before the blaze of any difficulty. It worked as an intrinsic value of her being which protected her and directed her in further life.

She found her- self  luck as very few people could find passion and work on the same platform and she got that edge of her passion.

Despite she didn’t know the uncertainty of her dream job, s he had that courage to follow her dream job.

And this courage is required in today’s world as it gives a person, the strong character and the power to hold his/her steps in defined track in this ever changing world.



I awake as the sun was streaming through the window and sunray was falling on my bed.

O god! it is morning. How long I have been sleeping and just checked my table clock it was 6 0’clock. And I got up from my bed to see the full view of the sky.

I amazed because I saw people were not only walking on the road but they were also walking in the air and I closed my window and rushed to my balcony to see things more clearly, I saw more people who were walking in the air.

I was shocked to see, the sun was rising and i could see it with my naked eye. Normally, it happens with an hour. I felt that I was going to be insane what is going on. To my amazement, it just rose just in front of my window in few seconds.

And I saw my reflection in the Sun whichstart melting and by seeing it I got horrified and I touched me to make sure whether I was fine or not but I was okay.

And I rushed to mirror to get the glimpse of me and I saw that I  was totally fine but as I saw my face I shrieked. It was not my face it was different, I  knew this new face but I couldn’t remember the person who was she and how I got her face and I started crying.

I was shivering and suddenly I was shaken by somebody and finally I  opened my eyes it was my mom and she was asking Am I fine?

Oh god, It was just a dream and I got relaxed.

Are you okay? She was asking but I  did not come into my conscious state so that I could answer her. So, i nodded my head in the affirmation but she was not convinced as I could see her tensed face.

So, I had to get my whole strength and I said her that I am ok.

She got up from bed and tap my head in affection and told me not to wake up till late night for work and went out of my room as my parent had to go for their office.



It’s me Shivangi and it was 2nd day of the new year and I  dreamed such a terrifying & strange dream what would be hidden in others days.

Now, I  also had to run for my work.

I started my work as a fashion stylist in the shimmer company a year ago. Yes, to get into a fashion college, it was a dream for me. when I got placed in college placement, it was a dream comes true situation for me.

But now as I saw myself in present scenario, I think it was not for me and I don’t belong here. As this area is too shallow to dive into it as it can’t hold my depth of passion any longer.

So, I followed myreal passion that was photography. It was great to capture your vision world and exemplified through that piece of art.

It didn’t mean that I left my job. Along with it, I pursued my passion. And it didn’t interfere in my work instead it ignited my life with the new zeal and enthusiasm.

I started to feel more alive and light within myself. And then I made my resume and filled the form for the photographer. I didn’t not think too much about this but I followed the quotation that is ‘go with the flow’.

And I started to live my journey fully. I n between this, I got a call from a company I already searched about the company it was a good company. So, I went for interview and as I reached in the office and while interviewing I found its inclination was towards the ad shoot which again took me towards the” crazy world “. I was selected as I was as a add shoot photographer and I already knew the nuances of this particular job profile and I also saw the photography and shoot of models.

I got selected and the final selection was done but I had to wait for the final appointment process.

While stepping towards my home, I was thinking what did I want exactly. I stopped as I saw a garden and sat at a bench. I felt very peaceful as the cool breeze was gently blowing with the fragrance of freshness and I heard the chirruping of birds, muttering & whispering of people and noise of children, I  was feeling good.

Gradually It started darkening and I  still sat there on the bench and kept gazing the sky and I saw many colors of nature.

Something I came to know about my wish. While approaching to home I figured out what I wanted. I wanted to explore my talent in artistic photography and also natural & abstract photography. As I can imagine and vision about the whole scenery or situation in my mind while clicking pictures. It happened by default and it was my strength.

Finally, I reached home, as I entered my home I got an mail then I checked ad I found,  it was a renowned company and I dwelled more I found it was a great firm who encouraged the aspirants.

I read mail Dear Shivani,

You have been shortlisted for Artistic photography.

Here we are sending a mail for the assignment

If you are interested to compete for the “Artistic photography,” below we have written a detailed post about the selection process and structuring of the Internship program.

Finally, I got a strong strand element in photography whose both ends resided within me and I can knit the fabric of the art whenever I felt it.

Hurry ! I was in tears and overwhelmed it was an eureka moment for me. As I discovered the element of my being.

Next day, I took two days off from my job and I visited the hill station which was near to my hometown and also took my younger brother with me and in whole journey, he was asking about the reason for sudden plan of outing but I told him to wait till the next day.

As we reached on the station I had approached to my favorite place as my family used to come here frequently for the picnic. And so I took taxi for that place.

It was dawn and the whole nature looked perfect with its all colors and I started to click. I took many pics but my brother was getting bored and he started to jump here & there as if someone awaken  his devil soul

He started to act mischievously and he frequently was coming in the frame which I wanted to portray and started to make funny faces.

I could not hold my laugh any more and we laughed together and thus I clicked many pictures of him and also of us.


It started darkening. So I decided to return. As my phone was ringing frequently as it was getting late and I got relief as I reached home station.

My brother Ashish told me not to worry as he was with me.

I replied please you just entered in the 1st semester of college. Don’t be over-smart.

He then started his whole brave story of his college in the taxi which he never shared with me in the home.

He might think that I didn’t listen him but I heard him and also enjoyed his whole story. and I realized it was really peaceful when you do what you want as it also reflected in one’s behavour.

As I listened him patiently. Finally, we reached home and my father was ready with his whole speech which he must be framing since he heard our late arrival. I also listened to him patiently and told him it would not happen in future. He saw my face and allowed me to enter in my room.

I checked my photos it was really good especially of my brother.

I send my resumes as well as my work on selected companies. I was thinking about my journey while sleeping.

I got up. It was 7’0 clock and I had to rush as I got the mail of my boss that tomorrow .I had to reach early.

So, I had to rush. I didn’t a chance to take relief till 8’0clock in the evening.

Finally, I reached home, as I entered my home I got an mail then I checked ad I found,  it was an email from that company and I dwelled more I found it was a great firm who encouraged the aspirants.

I read mail.

That they received my photos and they like my work and also liked the theme.

Further, I read it was an affirmation. And they were calling me for final interview. The address was of Delhi. I managed to take another off days from office and I also convinced my parents.

I entered the office, my interview was good and I was nervous as if it was my 1st interview and I was told to wait.

I was on the way of home town. Finally, I got selected. I was feeling awesome. My 1st project would be planned to cover the life of monasteries in Ladakh. Initially, as I heard it, I was a little perplexed but after pondering over it a few minute, I found it quite interesting as I saw those picturesque images on TV  and also on many  traveling channels and I loved travelling.

And .so, I accepted even they told me that I might get more adventures in future projects. Are you comfortable?

If I was getting my dream job and I knew, it happens with very few people and I was feeling myself one of those lucky persons who got a chance to follow her dream and job together. And I said yes after a few pause

As I stepped down on the station of my home town and I found it a new world. While moving to home, I closed my eyes I saw  that  I was approaching closer to the mirror  I  touched it ,it shattered into pieces and the sun light fall on the window and in which I could see my image and yes,  it was my face and it was shining as it was a sign of  happiness that I found by exploring  my true self  and I didn’t follow the herd and I got overwhelmed and my eyes were filled with tears and thus this empowering passion clear my vision to see world more clearly.

I hope I would convince my family to pursue my new explored world.