Despite of having a successful career in Hotel Industries Arun Jayakaran never left his passion for writing and now he turned up with his book titled ‘Sensual Attractions’ based on the theme of ‘Indian Sensuality’.

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Here is an amazing discussion with Arun Jayakaran and about his book.

Story behind the book ‘Sensual Attractions’. Where do you get your idea for the book?

The idea to write a book on ‘Indian Sensuality’ evolved over a period of time. My up-bringing was in a cosmopolitan and broad minded society and have personally witnessed such incidents. I wanted to share these incidents, which could be shocking to a few. The fact of the matter is, almost all that I have written in my book does actually happen in our society, though we may deny it. We do like to closet our sexual feelings and rarely express it to the outside world. I am at now at an age and era where I am not concerned about what others think, and have allowed my inner-self to be expressive, irrespective of what the subject is about.

Challenges you faced while writing this book and in your life as an author?

Even though most of the stories are inspired by true incidents, a certain amount of make believe situations were created to add a few twists to the stories. Creating those twists was always a challenge.

How you link your life as an author and as entrepreneur?

In the past, my profession took up all my spare time thus causing the delay in my efforts to become an author. Since I am now self-employed, time is at my disposal and find it easy to shuffle between both.

What is your writing process like?

I first mull over a plot, which sometimes runs into weeks before I start the writing process. It keeps my mind active and bubbling. Once I have the gist of the plot in my mind, I start to write spontaneously without bothering about errors at that stage. On completion, I just put it away for a few weeks and focus on other things. When I feel my mind is refreshed, I start the editing process and make the necessary changes.

Anything special about your book ‘Sensual Attractions’?

It is a book of ten short stories and perfect examples of ‘Realistic Fiction’ inspired by a few true incidents. It is also written with a certain decorum as far as language is concerned. Writing an erotic book without using expletives is a challenge by itself. This appeals to certain readers, but a majority like to be stimulated by use of such expletives, it delivers the ‘knockout punch’ as one reader gently put it across. However I have no regrets, and will continue in the same style if I have to write a sequel.

What advice do you have for writers?

My advice to writers is that writing freely on bold topics will test their skills and be a fulfilling experience. Go for it! Try something different and feel the adrenalin gushing through your veins.