This is a story of a soldier who has been kidnapped as a prisoner of war and was about to be interrogated for any information about his country and army, his thoughts, actions and the memories that come back to him at that time make this story a really emotional one.

“I got to go now, I am already late”

“Okay then…go”

The above stated conversation happened between Louis and his newly wedded wife Angela. Louis serves in the navy of his country and Angela on the other hand is a middle school teacher. They both first met each other in class when they were in middle school, both had something special like a bond between them that kept their relationship going for such a long time. Even today after nearly four years of the relationship and three months of marriage they were madly in love with each other. Louis chose to be a part of the navy and serve the country as he was always impressed by the lifestyle of a navy man that is being disciplined, protecting the nation etc. from a very tender age he had decided to be a naval officer and his family was really proud of him, even Angela was happy when Louis told her his career plan.

Coming back to the present, it was a normal day of work for Louis and he was called upon to the office of the admirer for a quick briefing before he heads out to the ship which was going to depart at 1400 hours of the same day and was aimed to roam the waters around the state and ensure that everything was in order, it was a total trip of a month.

After the briefing Louis was instructed to go to the ship and call upon every single crew member and brief them about the responsibilities as well as their assigned jobs. Louis initially thought to meet his wife before he went on the tour but had to cancel the plan as he was the captain and had to take care of a lot of things and put them in order before they left towards the sea.

His work finished at 1330 hours and they were instructed to leave at 1400 hours sharp due to a weather report. He only saw his wife for 5 minutes and then boarded to ship. Angela on the other hand did not worry much as it was a normal chore for Louis and he had gone on such tours many times before marriage too, only this time it was his first tour after marriage.

The ship sailed towards the vast open sea and vanished over the horizon. It was a really nostalgic moment for the couple but keeping aside the emotions, they decided to engross themselves in loads of work so that they had no time thinking about the other. But was extremely difficult and in spite of getting loads of work they only thought about each other. This one month seemed to be an eternity for them.