Scene 1

(Lights go on, Rowena and Nicola are sitting on the park bench wearing school uniform of some sort. Throughout the scene the actors move around as they like)

Rowena: At last! We’ve finally finished, Nicola! We’re free! Oh, I can barely believe it!

Nicola: School’s over.

Rowena: After thirteen long years, at last, we got rid of that prison!

Nicola: The. Finale. Kaput.

Rowena: You can say that again.

Nicola: A chapter in my life closed.

Rowena: And a new one opened.

Nicola: Oh dear!

Rowena: No more waking up early, no more studying, no more writing even.

Nicola: | don’t know whether to be happy or sad.

Rowena: Sad? were free. Nicola. Free.

Nicola: That’s what scares me.

Rowena: Scares you.

Nicola: Do I really want all this freedom? Do I want to have to make every decision myself? Imagine, alone. Alone in this dark world.

Rowena: Oh, come on, Nicola, you’re being silly. We’re eighteen.

Nicola: Seventeen.

Rowena: What does it matter! We can do whatever we like now. We can drive…

Nicola: We can crash.

Rowena: We can leave home.

Nicola: And end up in some crummy old flat in the stuffiest area of town.

Rowena: We can work.

Nicola: Become overworked and depressed, wow!

Rowena: Nicola! Honestly, you really are the wettest wet blanket I’ve ever seen in the whole of my life. Nicola: I’m just being realistic.

Rowena: Realistic? Do you call that realism? I call it depressional! I mean, come on We’re free. Free. Do you know what that means? Freedom. Freedom! (Pause). What’s wrong with you that means? Here we are finally stepping into the world of adulthood and you’re sitting there all sad and gloomy.

Nicola: I’m not sad and gloomy.

Rowena: Just think of all the dreams we can finally realize, the paths we can choose. We can do anything we like.

Nicola: Anything?

Rowena: Sure.

Nicola: Well I’m still going to miss school.

Rowena: Miss school! For God’s sake, we just got rid of our ‘A’ Levels.

Nicola: I think I failed in French.

Rowena: who cares about French!

Nicola: I do. I’ll probably have to re-sit it.

Rowena: Re-sit? Re-sit your French ‘A’, Level! You don’t the damn language.

Nicola: But still. You never know. I may want to go to France one time.

Rowena: Oh my god! You know what? I’m leaving.


Rowena: Yes, leaving, Going away. From you. I mean I come here all happy and light-hearted. I spend five talking to you and … depressed I need counseling.

Nicola: Alright. Sorry.

Rowena: This is the best time of our lives, don’t it you realize that? The opportunities we’ve got are infinite.

Nicola: University?

Rowena: As if.

Nicola Business?

Rowena: Business! Oh yes, sure. I play a very active part in business, I’m the managing consumer!

Nicola: Marriage?

Rowena: Not in your life!

Nicola: You’re not getting married?

Rowena: Of course not. Me, married? Never.

Nicola: You’re joking! You are joking.

Rowena: I told you, I’m never going to get the man.

Nicola: You are going to get married I can feel it.

Rowena: No, I not.

Nicola: Yes, you are.

Rowena: Will you cut it out?

Nicola: Then what?

Rowena: Oh! do not know Anything.

Nicola: Moving.

Rowena: Moving what?

Nicola: Away

Rowena Away?

Nicola: Yes away. Abroad.

Rowena: Oh yes.

Nicola: Drama school.

Rowena: Touring the world.

Nicola: Becoming an actress.

Rowena: Exploring The Congo.

Nicola: The Congo?

Rowena: It’s either that or New York.

Nicola: Oh, (Pause) Yes.

Rowena: What?

Nicola Freedom!

Rowena: See?

Nicola: Going abroad. Becoming an actress

Rowena: Yes… If you like.

Nicola: I’m free!

Rowena: Do you really want to become an actress?

Nicola: You bet!

Rowena: Imagine watching your best friend on television.

Nicola: Oh! do not want to become that type actress.

Rowena: What do you mean?

Nicola: I want to act on stage. On Broadway

Rowena: Oh!

Nicola: Do you really want to explore the Congo?

Rowena: Of course not, silly. I was only joking.

Nicola: Then what do you want?

Rowena: I don’t know! Really Nicola. I’ve just finished school. I do not want to worry about such things! I want to go out have fun, flirt….

Nicola: Yes … you wait and see.

Rowena: I wonder what it would like getting married Living with a man. Having a family. Having children.

Nicola: You’d make a wonderful mother.

Rowena: You really think?

Nicola: And a beautiful wife.

Rowena: Beautiful wife And devoted?

Nicola: Of course.

Rowena: And humble? And loving? And settled? And honest? Oh dear.

Nicola: Don’t worry Rowena: I’m not worried

Nicola: When the time comes.

Rowena: It will not come.

Nicola What?

Rowena: I told you, I’m never going to get married. Can you imagine me married?

Nicola: Yes.

Rowena: Well I cannot. And will not actually. No. I’m not the marriage type of person. I’ll die a spinster. I know it. (Pause) And you? What about you? Hollywood?

Nicola: Broadway (Rowena smiles at her) Oh I can’t wait! The stage. The audience sitting silently not knowing what to expect. Then suddenly an enormous chorus bursting through the wings in flowing dance. And then, as they part a sparkling voice pierces the auditorium as beautiful as crystal. And there I am, dancing with my Prince Charming. The audience breaks into applause begging for more. In the darkness, you see a wave of bodies as all rise in a standing ovation. I can’t wait!

Rowena: You’ll always be a dreamer.

Nicola: We’re both dreamers.

Rowena: Yes, and that’s all that matters. That we have our dreams.

Nicola: Yes.

Rowena: Having fun.

Nicola: Going abroad.

Nicola: Going to Broadway

Rowena: Having fun.

Nicola: Becoming an actress.

Rowena. Freedom.

Nicola: Fame.

Rowena. Fortune.

Nicola: Fantasy.

Rowena: Fun.

Nicola: Yes, fun.

Rowena: Oh what dream!

Nicola: But we must not let them remain dreams, we must turn them into reality.

Rowena: Yes. (Pause) what about your parents?

Nicola: What about yours?

Rowena: I do not know.

Nicola: Mine wants me to get married.

Rowena: Mine wants me to continue studying.

Nicola: But we must not let them come in the way of our dreams.

Rowena: Dreams?

Nicola: Realities.

Rowena: But then even if do become realities … Oh, Nicola I just thought of something.

Nicola: what?

Rowena: What if they tum into realities …?

Nicola: They, will.

Rowena: We’ll probably never meet again.

Nicola: 0h Rowena!

Rowena: The world is such a big place.

Nicola: It is.

Rowena: Perhaps …

Nicola: Oh, do not even mention it.

Rowena: I know. We have our dreams.

Nicola: Our future.

Rowena: I know we have our dreams.