Tailing back to the age of divinity, the age of learning and the age of clustering emotions, the age of ”Mahabharata”. After the heinous play of Chopat in which Pandavas lost everything, they along with their wife Draupadi were sent to a thirteen years long exile in which 12 years were supposed to be in the jungles (Vanvasa) and one in the secret territory (Agyatvasa). During the last year of their Vanvasa, a sage called Rishi Durvasa along with hundreds of his disciples visited their place.

He was one of the most divine sages and it was a known fact that raising his anger could have devastating consequences. He asked Draupadi to feed him and his disciples, but there was no adequate amount of food left and neither were there any resources left for the Pandavas.In those fearful situations, when nothing was in their hands, Draupadi asked God to save his family immediately from the sage’s rage with all faith and belief.Immidiately she found Lord Krishna ,her friend (sakha) on the back of their house.

Krishna,as amusing and mysterious as he always was, asked Draupadi about her problem. She, in all despair, shared her trouble and said ”Hey Krishna, you have saved my dignity, my grace, but now it’s about my family’s respect, won’t you help?” Meanwhile, the angry sage was about to leave and the Pandavas were unable to stop them.

Krishna then humbly asked his friend to give him the single piece of rice lying there. She,even though filled with uncertainty and fear, lovingly offers that one single piece to the supreme himself. And as soon as Krishna says ”I am fulfilled”, and mysteriously, the sage and his whole community were also satisfied and happy. It was not any mystery but the result of a devotee’ s unconditional faith in the supreme. And instead of rage, the sage left their house merrily with a shower of love and bliss.

Moral:- When one unconditionally surrenders himself to God,then he himself takes care of his deeds.