Sitting on the ground partially covered with blood stains Kevin was having coffee. He smirked at his fiancée and continue glaring at sky. Her fiancée was Queen Maria and was too adorable whereas the Kevin was shady and was not so talented or hardworking. What made them brought together? Was it a coincidence or it was all planned by destiny.

It was dawn, Kevin woke up very quietly and filled his bag with raw cocaine all stolen  from the field because he was addicted to it. He began running from that place  so that he is not caught by the owners of the cocaine. He ran so swiftly that was unimaginable. He wanted to move out of that city and thought of going in any part of the country. He took every means of transport that he could to escape. He dozed off in-between the journey. When he woke up he saw a different air was there, people there had different action, had different cultures. He inquired a person nearby of whereabouts that place, he was amazed when he heard that it was a different country.He again started running to ran as far as he could so that soldiers aren’t able to caught him. He reached a village, where he saw every person was running here an there. There was a great hustle bustle. He got confused, and what he saw made his eyes left wide opened, he saw a lunatic elephant running behind people and destroying everything that came on his way. He was so scared by looking at all this. He began to run so that he could save his life. He fell down in anxiety when he got plough into the tree log. He got flabbergast when he saw elephant running towards him. By the mercy of God, when he fell down the cocaine was lifted in air and the elephant snored it by trunk and fainted. The King announced whosoever killed the elephant will be awarded. In the durbar Kevin declared that he killed the elephant. The king thanked him and send a couple of soldiers to check if the elephant had died actually. The soldiers went and concluded that he was fainted not died, so they killed the elephant by their swords. As a thankful greeting he ordered Kevin to spend some days with them in the palace. He was cherished and praised by each person in the palace. He was extremely happy that he could spend some days in palace like a royal king.

What was next? The king announced that along with Soldiers and Kevin he wanted to go for shooting. he told everyone to choose the horse, and gave a gun to everyone just for the sake of protection. The king really wanted to investigate was Kevin that tenacious or he was just building a heap of lies. Kevin very shrewdly choose the horse whose leg was injured so that he would be behind every person on this hunt, and will remain under the shield from tiger. The king thought that the Kevin is super intelligent and choose wisely because he selected that horse who runs really fast among others beside of the injured leg. He was quite startled when he saw that due to his agile horse, he was leading all of them. Suddenly the tiger peeped into Kevin’s way, this made Kevin astonished. He could saw his death in front of his eyes and prayed to God to safeguard him. The tiger began to leap on him, and in panic Kevin hit the trigger, and bullet was fired across tiger’s flesh. He again got accomplishment for killing the tiger. He began popular in the kingdom.

The King was  impressed by him that the decided to fix the marriage of his daughter Maria with Kevin. Kevin was on cloud nine when he heard this. The news of Queen’s marriage spread like a fire in the town, and when it reached the ears of Zimba who was in passionate love with Maria, but it was one-sided love. Zimba declared that there will be a war. The king nodded for this and announced in the town that tomorrow will be a war. Zimba made some arrangements to stay in the night. Meanwhile, Kevin was snoring cocaine which was given to him as a thank you greeting. He was doped, and was carrying the gun the king had given him for hunting the tiger.

While Zimba and his soldiers stayed in tents that night. It was midnight that Kevin fired a bullet in a blunder, because he was under the influence of cocaine. Zimba thought that the king and his soldiers has attacked them and are ready for the war. In a haste Zimba and his soldiers started shooting and each other across the tents, as a result along with Zimba everyone died. Kevin was still doped and was sleeping on the ground. Next morning, when he woke up he was shocked to see all this and again planned the whole story in his mind of how he killed them. The king came and inquired about what happened yesterday’s midnight. Kevin asked if he can have a cup of coffee?

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