It’s a story of person who has to go through a mysterious journey to find out what’s wrong with Amay. Let’s start discovering.


Previously, Anikshey and Nistha tried to solve out the mystery but then they got to know that Nikhil was murdered last night.

Pleasant atmosphere. We book a taxi for 27, Martin Colony, Near Maria Beach, Goa. During travel we enjoy the atmosphere. We reach there and pay for the taxi fare. We see that house is locked. We just go to nearby people to enquire about Nikhil. Everyone says he was murdered yesterday.

‘Do you know his twin Amay?’ I say.

‘No, he lived all alone here from 2 years except a girl who usually comes here.’ Neighbor says.

‘Do you know that girl?’

‘No, but that child on tea stall can tell you about that girl as he regularly gave tea there.’

‘Who are you? Anything serious.’

‘No, nothing serious. I am his brother Amay’s friend. Thanks for so much help.’

‘Oh, Welcome.’

We go to that tea stall boy and he tells that girl’s name is Nimita and she lives in a colony nearby. He gives us the colony name she used to live in. We thank him and at once go for that place. We reach there and knock the door. After knocking for 10 minutes, door opens. There is a young lady of about 25 years old.

‘Hello, who are you guys?’ she asks.

‘I Anikshey and she is my wife Nistha. We are Nikhil’s friend.’

‘Oh, Well Nikhil never told me about you. I am Nimita. Well, come inside let’s talk.’

‘Actually, truly saying we aren’t his friends. We want to enquire about Nikhil.’

‘Is everything all right?’

‘No, Nikhil had been murdered yesterday night. Do you know?’

‘You are joking. I have talked to him this morning.’

‘I think you are joking. Police enquired and said he was murdered yesterday.’ Nistha says.

‘No it can’t be possible as we have even meet today’s morning.’

‘May you call him up to meet here?’

‘Yes, for sure.’

She calls him. She prepares coffee for us. After one hour there is a knock on the door. There is a man on the door of about 28 years old. He looks handsome and dashing.

‘Hey, Guys who are you?’

‘Hey Nikhil. I am Anikshey and she is my wife Nistha. We are here to talk about Nikhil and Amay.’

‘Amay.’ Nistha shouts.

‘I am Nikhil and I don’t want to talk about Amay.’

‘I got a letter and diary from Amay and I know everything about your conspiracy with him. But, you should read this diary so that you know how much he loves you.’ Nistha said rolling in tears.

‘Please don’t cry my baby.’ I said.

‘He is Amay.’ Nistha shouts.

‘Do you know him?’ Anikshey asks.


‘But, how?’

‘He was my first love. He was my boyfriend.’

‘Oh, you never told me about him.’

‘You never asked.’

‘Please stop this discussion. I am not Amay.’ Nikhil shouts.

‘Then, where is he?’ Nistha asks.

‘I don’t know. I don’t even want to know.’ Nikhil replies.

‘Ok, but please read the diary first.’ She insists.

 Nikhil start reading letter and diary. After two hours, we sleep and he continue reading. He make us awake after he completes reading.

He feels sorry for his behavior towards Amay. I ask him not to feel sorry.

‘Do you know there is a murder at your place?’ I asks.

‘How can it be when I am coming from there only?’

‘Isn’t 27, Martin Colony, Near Maria Beach, Goa your address?’

‘No, that’s Amay’s Address. Oh, my god he is no more.’ He cries.

I feel sorry for him and Nistha and tell him how I get here and ask him how it can’t be your address when your phone number is registered with that address. He argues at once.

‘I had never been at your office. But then who? He must be Amay’

‘He paid for your life. He was murdered because of you.’

‘Oh, my god what I have done. He said right in diary “Is something serious?” Yes, it is something even worse than serious. I will regret it for my life.’ He cries a lot.

‘You should not cry. Amay cares for you. He don’t want to see you cry.’

He stop crying. I have a new thought running in mind. Do my Journey go in vain? I come here to find who Amay is? But what I know is Amay is now no one. He is no more with us. Oh, my god what you have done. With the thought that my journey goes in vain. I and Nistha start packing to go back home. Nistha is crying in a corner. Its true first love is always the one, person can’t forget. Everything was going to settle, but how again mystery will unfold itself? Let’s start discovering in part 4…