It was a cold winter’s night. Mindy sat in her lawn, wrapped in her white pashmina, and stared at the night sky. Her eyes traced Orion, the only constellation she could ever make out, until it disappeared behind the tears clouding her vision. The last couple of days had been extremely stressful for her. She had lost her job, had a fight with her mother, hit a rough patch with her boyfriend, and was almost broke. No matter how hard she tried, she seemed to be getting nowhere. As a child of the cosmos, the moon and stars were her only escape, but tonight it seemed like even the moon was engulfed by her dark clouds.

Dejected, she slowly stood up to go inside when a stream of bright light caught her eye, and she froze. It was a shooting star. She quickly folded her hands, shut her eyes, and before she could even process any of it, she was wishing for not everything to be magically alright but for hope and strength. With a slight smile and a twinkle of tears, she opened her eyes, taking the shooting star as a sign that her wishes would come true.

Suddenly, she felt one side of her face being lit up. She turned towards the light and saw the clouds slowly fading away from the moon. Her smile brightened with the moonlit sky as that was all the hope she needed. The sky, void of clouds, cleared her mind and tempted her to shine brighter than ever. She was still hurt by the recent developments in her life but looking at the moon she realised that it, too, does not shine every night.